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Alcohol Addiction

If there was one addiction that the world would have to look at as the most common addiction of the human family it would be with no doubtAlcohol Addictionalcohol addiction. Since the prohibition of alcohol in the United States alcohol has become acceptible as a drug of choice for Americans. In the world alcohol is a major problem and is accepted in most countries as socially acceptable. The power of this drug in its ability to cause the user to become addicted is amazingly strong. For the past 50 years many people and governments have looked at alcohol with casual social acceptance.

Alcohol Addiction begins as Social Drinking

Users turn to alcohols affects for celebrations and social norms suggest that special occasions include alcohol as a main part of the celebration. When difficulties, stress, and sorrows come up on us it is also accepted that alcohol is ingested as a means of coping with these issues. The truth is that in almost all cases the alcohol makes problems worse. Usually from ignoring the problem and turning to a feeling of relief that only mask the stress and makes no progress for solving them, a large number of other problems are created. Alcohol addiction affects all ages of human beings in it affects and touching effects.

Teen Alcohol Addiction

Teen alcohol addiction is at a all time high and the consequences from the addictions include depression, suicide, attempted suicide and increase family crises issues. The beginning of most alcohol addiction is usually started in a person’s youth and is a socially acceptable way to have socialization with other teens. Few teens see that as the beginning of and increased life of verbal and physical abuse and health issues. They see themselves as being able to deal with the powerful effects and don’t see the issues and vast and unpredictable problems caused with this addiction. For many the maturing and acceptance of responsibilities as life and age moves forward curbs many users to occasional use. For the rest of the early alcohol users a dependency on alcohol is formed and begins a path of destruction to ones self and to many of the people that are their family members, friends, and associates. As the disease progresses we see the victim becoming all emcompassed with their life around alcohol and alcohol addiction. Not being honest with ones self is another associated problem with alcohol addiction.

Recognizing Addiction

Recognizing that one has a problem and what to do about it, becomes all the more difficult. Many feel as they become adults they have obtained the right to be able to do what they want with their lives. The problem with this thinking is the they don’t pay for the consequences it causes alone. Society pays for jails, rehabilitation, disrupted and broken families and just the medical cost from alcohol addiction is in the billions in just the USA. The emotional effect of having a loved one that is a alcoholic is surrounded with sadness and a reduced level of quality living. Children suffer from diseases that were inherited by them because their parent was addicted to alcohol for long periods of time. In particular pregnant mothers who are alcohol addicts is a problem that causes these types of infirmities.

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