Alcohol Addiction Facts

Alcohol addiction is becoming mainstream among younger and younger individuals, and the alcohol addiction facts are staggering. Alcoholism is a disease, and the younger one starts to drink, the higher chance they have of developing an addiction problem in young adulthood.

Alcohol Addiction Disease

Alcohol Addiction Facts

Alcohol Addiction Facts

Many people believe that alcoholism is just a bad habit and that it can be stopped at any time. Once it goes past a habitual behavior and becomes a need, it is an addiction. Alcohol addiction is a disease and in most cases it takes more than willpower to stop drinking. Alcohol addiction is not based on intelligence, or strength, or willpower. The body craves the chemicals in the alcohol and the addict will do whatever they have to feed that craving.

The Need for Treatment

Some people believe that with a little bit of help from friends and a little willpower that an addict can be cured. This is far from the truth; an addict needs treatment, therapy, and a changing of one’s behavior. The truth is we are only human and sometimes it may take three or four times before the realization kicks in and the addict gets the point behind the whole thing. Drug rehabs and addiction treatment works.

Myths of Alcohol Addiction

More alcohol addiction facts are out there, like there is no magic cure to alcohol addiction; it takes hard work and patience. Another myth that floats around the general consensus is that treatment will only work if the individual truly wants help. This is true to a point, but whether the addict is placed into treatment forcibly or by choice if treatment works, the outcome is the same. It definitely helps when the person wants to get help; that makes for one less step in the treatment plan, but hopefully whatever the reasons for entering treatment, the opportunity for change is still there.

Another alcohol addiction fact is that not all alcohol addicts have serious mental problems and that is why they drink. Not everyone has serious mental issues; some just have minor personality quirks or depression issues, or family issues that can be resolved through therapy. A mentally healthy person can develop a drinking problem through peer pressure or just over drinking too many times.

It’s Time to Take Action After Reading These Alcohol Addiction Facts

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug in the world, it is easy to get and very easy to become addicted to. Pre-teens that start drinking at an early age are more prone to becoming addicts by the time they are 21. There are over 18 million people in the US that are classified as alcoholics. These are just a few of the alcohol addiction facts that are constantly misconstrued.