Horrifying Alcoholism Statistics

Alcoholism Statistics

The Horrifying Alcoholism Statistics

If there ever was any alcoholism statistics that should send a shock wave through your brain, and shake you all the way down to your shoes is the fact that teen alcohol addiction kills six times more youths than all other drugs combined; legal or not. And by age 18, nearly 75 percent of all young people have had at least one drink either at home or at a party. Here is another of the many alcoholism statistics you may find hard to believe. The younger boy or girl teen set tend to drink far less than older adults the problem being when they do drink, they consume far more and faster than adults. In case the operative word for that has escaped you, it’s called “binge” drinking. It’s not only very dangerous, but can often cause death, or at the very least, a fast trip to a medical center hospital for a stomach pumping, and a headache you can’t believe.

Why Do People Consume Alcohol?

So why do people drink alcohol? Some drink to relax, others to have fun and enjoy themselves and the surroundings, to socialize with friends, or because they feel the need to. And if you want to enter the “dark” side of reasoning, think peer-pressure. They drink because everyone else does it, ignoring the pages and pages of alcoholism statistics that prove without a shadow of doubt, that alcohol only “takes”; it never “gives.”

The Negative Alcoholism Statistics

Most alcoholism statistics tag alcohol as a depressant that arrives at your mouth via beer, wine, or the hard stuff. But no matter what you call it, statistics prove that liquor in any form, has a high propensity of becoming very addictive. And getting off the “booze” can, in some people old or young, create symptoms much like heroin and other drugs used by society’s habitual addicts, including shaking, anxiety, hallucinations, ignoring food, and eventually serious liver and brain damage; plus in pregnant women, can often cause retardation in the unborn child.

The Fast Track Toward Recovery from Alcoholism

So far, we’ve mentioned some facts along with important alcoholism statistics, which will hopefully, put you on the fast track to good health and sensibility. Even though we have decided to save these final comments for last, they still are some of the most critical statistics to retain in your sober mind, and share them with others, too. What really are the contents in that drink you are ingesting from time-to-time, when five or more drinks may define alcoholism?

  • One 12 ounce beer contains 14 grams of “pure alcohol”
  • One 5 ounce glass of wine contains 14 grams of “pure alcohol”
  • One 1.5 ounce of hard liquor contains 14 grams of “pure alcohol”

There are nearly 11 million under age drinkers who drink more than smoke, including marijuana. One-third of the youth in this country start drinking at age 13. So don’t be taken in by myths, rumors, or opinions. Get the facts from trusted sources, and if these alcoholism statistics don’t wake you up; nothing will.
Alcoholism Statistics