Marijuana comes from what is known as Cannabis sativa which is a hemp plant. This illegal drug is widely used not only by adults but is has given rise to teen marijuana use among a high percentage of adolescents. A majority of people think that this is a natural herb and that it will not harm the body, but health professionals beg to differ. They have studied the marijuana facts and believe that it has adverse effects on the mind as well as the body. It can not only lead to health problems, but it can also cause financial and legal problems, so learn the warning signs before it’s too late.

Ways Marijuana is Used

Individuals use marijuana in various ways. They may smoke the dried leaves like a cigarette, eat it baked into food, or they may drink it after it has been made into a brewed and steeped tea. It does not matter how the drug is ingested, the health effects to the human body and mind are the same. It is still not determined by medical professionals whether using marijuana will cause an individual to try other drugs or not. Some believe that it is a gateway to drugs of abuse that leads to further drug use while others do not agree. The thought is that an individual who will try one illegal drug could be tempted to try a stronger drug for a more prolonged feeling of being high.

Cannabis sativa is known by several other names. On the street it is called pot, herb, as well as weed. There are different ingredients in marijuana but one major ingredient is THC. The proper name being delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is a substance that causes many health issues such as rapid heart rate, breathing problems, and high blood pressure. It can also make a person’s reaction time slower, give an individual dry mouth, and greatly increase their appetite. The effects will taper off after just a few hours, but it will remain in the body for several hours later.

Serious Health Problems Because of Use

Health professionals believe that other serious health problems can occur besides heart, breathing, and blood pressure by those who decide to use marijuana. For those who smoke this drug heavily, there is always a chance that they will develop lung cancer from inhaling the smoke. Lung cancer is a horrible disease that is very difficult to survive. Another serious problem with using Cannabis sativa is that it can cause a decrease in a man’s sperm count. His sexual health could become affected because Cannabis sativa has been known to also lower a man’s libido.

The Addictive Side of Pot

Numerous health professionals have studied the addictive side of using pot. Although it cannot be proven for certain, these health professionals do believe that pot smoking is very addictive and that it can leave some signs of withdrawal. A person may become more aggressive, if they cannot smoke or ingest pot on a regular basis. They may become anxious and not able to concentrate on things that are going on around them. Depression may set in and the pot smoker may not be able to get out of bed or go to work. Another sign of withdrawal can be a decrease in appetite which could cause weight loss in a person who is addicted to pot.

The use of marijuana may also lead to legal problems which in turn can lead to financial stress. When a person uses this illegal drug, they are taking chances of getting arrested for possession and drug paraphernalia. Once arrested, an individual may be fined or receive jail time for their illegal drug use. Different states have their own laws about smoking pot. Some are more lenient than others.

Although pot is an illegal drug, it is used legally as medication for several diseases in certain states. A person must have a physicians prescription to buy and use pot for medicinal purposes.

You Make the Decision

When individuals decide to use marijuana, they are making a life choice. This illegal drug can effect all aspects of a person’s life. They may not be able to obtain a job because of their  addiction. Most companies today do drug tests on their present and prospective employees. If a drug test comes back positive, a present employee can lose their job and a prospective employee will not be hired. The use of marijuana, which is a mind altering drug, could change a person’s life forever thus raising the marijuana statistics for affecting lives.