Marijuana Warning Signs

The teenage years are extremely difficult for both parents and children. There are many temptations out in the world and our children may fall victim to any one of them. The use of marijuana is especially troubling and it is vitally important for parents to learn and look for marijuana warning signs.

The First Marijuana Warning Sign is Behavioral Change

Marijuana Warning Signs

Marijuana Warning Signs

If you observe a sudden change in your child’s behavior, be aware that this may be a marijuana warning sign. Sudden withdrawal from family and friends may indicate that your teen is abusing drugs. Is your teen exhibiting signs of hostility or depression? These are indications of trouble and can certainly be marijuana warning signs.

Appearance and Behavior

Typical marijuana warning signs revolve around your teen’s appearance and behavior. Are they suddenly extremely careless about their appearance? Do they often seem silly for no obvious reason. Do they appear to be dizzy and are their eyes bloodshot? Have you noticed an increased use of eye drops. Does their short term memory seem fuzzy? Do they seem to be craving an unusual amount of sweets?

If you are worried that your child may be using marijuana take special note of the friends they are hanging around with. If you suspect that your child’s associates are using drugs then there is a strong possibility that your child is, too.

Smell of Marijuana

When you enter your teen’s room and it smells weird, that is a possible sign of marijuana use. Your teen’s clothing may also take on the telltale odor of marijuana. Another strong and somewhat obvious sign is how your teen decorates his or her room. If you notice posters with a drug theme, you might want to consider that your teen is a marijuana user. Certainly if you find drug paraphernalia in the room such as a pipe, you may have just found the proof you need of marijuana use. When you enter your teen’s room and you smell room fresheners, they might be using it to mask the smell of marijuana.

No one wants to believe that their child has an involvement with drugs. Sometimes it seems easier to bury your head in the sand, but that tact only leads to more trouble. When your once well-adjusted teen suddenly starts having trouble in school or even with the law, you have to face the fact that drugs may be involved.

Don’t Procrastinate

Once you become familiar with marijuana warning signs you will be armed with an important tool in the growing incidence and struggle with teen drug abuse. If you spot any of these signs, be proactive. You have to be honest with yourself.  If your once happy, communicative teen is suddenly withdrawn, fatigued, and disinterested in school, work or the social scene it is time to act. Procrastination won’t work and it can be deadly.

Early intervention is key to stopping this destructive and dangerous behavior.

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