Facts and Statistics About Marijuana

Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Facts

If you have a teenage child, as a parent you should know the proper marijuana facts in order to identify and save your child from a life of addiction. Marijuana is derived from the hemp plant or cannabis sativa, it consists of seeds, leaves, stems and the flower of the plant in a dried form. This dried concoction is then smoked and inhaled. Marijuana has been used as a recreational drug and it has also been used to treat medical conditions like glaucoma and the side effects of cancer treatment.

You Need the Facts

Here are a few marijuana facts; it damages the growth of the brain in young people, it changes how the brain works. It decreases cognitive skills, and it slowly destroys lung capacity. Marijuana contains a major ingredient called THC which is a psychotropic drug that causes reduced inhibition and hallucinations. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), marijuana contains over 400 chemicals within its makeup.

Marijuana is addictive and regular use has been associated with depression and anxiety. It affects everyone differently, affects one’s ability to do complex tasks, affects memory, focus, and coordination. It alters judgment and the ability to make complex decisions. Marijuana also affects the respiratory system just like smoking tobacco cigarettes does. A marijuana user can have withdrawal symptoms if they stop smoking it, which is very similar to nicotine withdrawal.

Medical Marijuana Facts

Marijuana has been used medically for things like glaucoma and the side effects of cancer treatments such as radiation. It is known to help with the nausea patients feel after getting treatment. There are some good things that have come from using this substance, but some feel that does the negative aspects of marijuana even outweigh the few positive effects.

Marijuana is a drug whether people want to realize that or not, it is not healthy simply because it grows naturally from the ground. It contains deadly chemicals that are being ingested into the body and cause horrendous side effects to the brain, and the lungs. Marijuana is addictive just like any other drug and once it is stopped there are consequences and severe withdrawal symptoms. Smoking marijuana is like a vicious cycle that can lead to depression and sadness and, in turn, the user wants to smoke more. This can lead to more serious drugs or dangerous side effects.

More Marijuana Facts

Marijuana facts show that it can destroy the brain cells, decrease cognitive skills and lead to more serious drugs. Being a casual user is just as serious as someone that is addicted to smoking marijuana. This is  should be viewed as such because as  your lungs suffer and your brain suffers, it impairs judgment and making the right decision may be the difference between life and death. With over 400 chemicals in marijuana there is something that will destroy your body.

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