Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction is characterized by a behavior of individuals with abnormally intense sex drives/libido or sexual mania. The addict usually imagines and thinks about sex and this interrupts with healthy relationship building. There are many forms of sex addiction. The addict could be doing malicious behaviors such as voyeurism, prostitution, exhibitionism, cyber-sex or excessive masturbation. The sex addiction treatment is done in a variety of ways, be it family therapy, medications and counseling.

Indistinct Thoughts

Sexual addicted persons have indistinct thoughts, and they frequently rationalize, justify their actions and point at others for the problems that they face. They refute that they have a dilemma and they make rationalizations for their behaviors. Sex addicts take risks and get involved in many different kinds of sexual activity regardless of the harmful outcomes or consequences. Their addiction can destroy their relationships with other people and interrupts their job and socialization. This kind of addiction can injure the person physically as well as emotionally. A lot of people with sex addiction will soon engage in unlawful activities like as mentioned earlier exposing their bodies and genitals in public or exhibitionism, making horny phone calls or sexual molestation. Then again, this does not mean that all sex addicts will engage in those things.

Usual Behaviors or Activities

The usual activities or behaviors of sexual addicts are self-stimulation, extra marital affairs, pornography, phone sex, cyber-sex  unsafe sex, obsessive dating, watching others dressing up or taking a bath, stalking, public exposure of naked body or genitals, rape, sexual harassment and molestation. Usually the sex addicted person does not really achieve full gratification from the act and creates no emotional attachment with their sex mates. On top, sex addiction usually makes people culpable and ashamed. The person also feels that his/her actions are uncontrollable even if the acts will lead to downbeat results.


Almost every sexual addict doesn’t claim that they have the addiction that is why the success of sex addiction treatment lies on a person’s acceptance and claim that they have the problem. A lot of cases show that people only realize that they have the problem in the hard way; like being fired at work, marital divorce, imprisonment or health problems. It takes these things before they are compelled to acknowledge that they have a sex addiction.

Sex Addiction Treatment Process

The sex addiction treatment is centered on managing the compulsive behavior and acts and assisting the person to nurture a healthy sexuality. The therapy involves healthy sexuality education, family therapy and counseling. There are also support groups and programs specifically created form sex addicts. Sex addiction treatment also involved medications for OCD to treat the compulsiveness of the sex addicts. Some of these drugs are Anafranil and Prozac. The sex addiction treatment aims to identify the root cause of the disorder by discovering the origins, faulty beliefs and harmful actions that predispose to the addiction.

by Vance Harrington