Prescription Addiction

Prescription addiction is one of the most prevalent types of chemical dependency today. Even with teens today, prescription drug use is Prescription Addictioncontinuing to rise. Teens today have used more of the amphetamine Adderall and Vicodin than ever before. The good news is that inpatient facility rehab programs that can help people get the psychological and medical treatment to be free from prescription addiction and have a better life of sobriety.

The Addiction Craving

Most of the addictions with prescription medications involve amphetamines, opiates, prescribed sleep medications and benzodiazepines. As a person gets used to the drug, the rain and body become altered. The drug convinces the user that they cannot do without the prescription drugs. This causes responses in the body such as withdrawal and cravings for the drug.

Inpatient Treatment

When inpatient treatment is necessary, care that is dedicated to the patient on a daily basis anywhere from 30 to 90 days is best. They received managed care, onsite-detoxification, therapy in groups, counseling, medical attention and they can use the exercise facilities as well. People who go to inpatient prescription addiction rehab centers are in a drug free environment with a dedicated staff to help them get better.
Inpatient treatment is beneficial because using prescription drugs is a huge risk to a person’s health. There are terrible side effects to prescription drugs.

Side Effect of Prescription Abuse

The most common side effect of prescription abuse is mood alterations. One day the user can be relaxed and the next day they can be irritable. Side Effects of Prescription AbuseErratic behavior is common with prescription drug abuse. A person will seem very strange and acting out of character. Many prescription drugs will cause mental slowness and cloudiness. A person may be slow at understanding questions and can’t perform tasks normally. Some people cannot sleep at all when taking prescription drugs the wrong way and some sleep entirely too much. As well, anxiety is very common and can make the user feel very worried, very nervous and unable to cope in situations that make them feel anxious. Sadly enough, abusers of prescription drugs may feel the need to commit suicide. A person can even feel suicidal if they stop taking a prescription drug too fast after they become addicted. An even more common bad effect of prescription drug abuse is the ability to overdose. Many drug abusers will take more than one prescription drug at the same time. As they build up tolerances to the drugs, they take more and more and can overdose very quickly. Overdosing on prescription drugs is extremely harmful to the body and can even cause death.