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Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment

Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment

Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment

Sometimes we can confuse ourselves with saying things like, holistic eating disorder treatment, if we do not understand what the word “holistic” means.Usually when we think of something that’s ”holistic” it means that it usually pertains to the whole. If for example, someone specializes in practicing holistic medicine  we must first define the holistic side first. In this case furthermore, holistic will encompass and emphasize social, physical  emotional and spiritual needs of the patient first. Secondly, when we add the word medicine to the end of the word holistic, it encompasses other forms of diagnosis and treatments which may include drugs, medicines, education and surgeries that contribute to the well being or “whole” persons life of recovery. So this bring me back to the above words used that included  eating disorder. So know that we understand what holistic means and how it is encompasses within holistic medicine, how would one go on to describe something as big as holistic eating disorder treatment?

Logical Approach to Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment

Well, since we already somewhat have an idea of holistic is lets just take a logical approach and assume that we need a treatment for a specific imbalance and that specific imbalance can be within the eating disorders category  Usually when most of us think about disorders of eating, we tend to usually think that a person with the imbalance does not fit the regularity of eating three square meals a day. What makes this statement true is that having this type of disorder places one in a category of either eating more than three square meals a day (which could be considered overeating), less than three square meals a day (which could be considered absence or anorexia eating), “binge” eating ( more than necessary or a lot at one time, due to stress or some other factor) or struggling diabetics, or regular individuals who have to regulate their eating habits in order to control their weight loss. In this case, diabetics could be coined as having to stick to “holistic eating recipes”

What Causes Eating Disorders?

Today, their is no clear evidence of how or what causes certain eating disorders, but because of the biological, psychological and/or environmental abnormalities associated with this imbalance, holistic has contributed to the many aspects of dealing with this particular disorder. Most mental health professionals who deal with these particular type of patients will usually apply a holistic eating disorder treatment approach in their aid and assessments of applying treatments. One specific type of holistic eating disorder treatment that is approved by a doctor is cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy involves the feeling and behaviors of the patient with an outcome of how that patient reacts and thinks about a given situation, which may or may not change the way they thing about eating. Overall, having a holistic eating disorder treatment involves a great deal of treatment for positive recovery.

by Vance Harrington
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