What You Need To Know About the Newest Drug Trends Today

New designer black market psychedelic drugs have hit the market in America. Teens and others seeking a fast high with the use of psychedelic drugs are in for a rude surprise. Cases are turning up in colleges where teens die while under the influence of these powerful drugs. Experts who study psychedelic drugs explain that teenagers, who are mentally frail, find this drug-taking experience very frightening. They cannot process the intensity of the drugs once they have taken them and therefore, die because of the drug’s high potency.

Can Psychedelic Drugs Serve a Good Purpose?

Some professionals say that the new drugs can serve as positive cleansing tools of your inner self and your shortcomings. They argue that the experience could help people to see themselves as they really are. Some counselors even admit to using psychedelic drugs themselves in order to treat their clients in a controlled setting.

Researchers Discuss Worth of Psychedelic Drugs

According to researchers, users who are mentally stable can use the drugs to build bridges or to form better relationships with those they love. They also feel that usage is good for people who are mentally strong. Grieving parents of dead teens are not in agreement with this theory.

Spring Break Party Results in a Teenager’s Death

Consider the case of a 19-year-old Midwest teenager who celebrated a spring break party with friends by taking the psychedelic drug 2C-E. The group had no knowledge of the dangerous side effects of the drug.

The teen died and 10 others attending the party were injured following the use of 2C-E. All of the teens thought they were using 2C-I, which has a lower potency than 2C-E. Compounding the tragedy is the fact that a 21-year-old student who supplied the drug was arrested and charged with third-degree murder.

A similar incident unfurled in Oklahoma when several young people thought they were taking the drug 2C-E. They were actually using 3C-bromo-dragonflypsychedelic drug, which is even more dangerous. Two of the students passed away and six were injured on that occasion.

New Psychedelic Drugs versus Past Psychedelic Drugs

There is a difference between new psychedelic drugs and similar drugs used decades ago. Users back then used potent psychedelic drugs that did not interfere with receptors, which control heart rate.

How Illicit Psychedelic Drugs Interrupt Internal Body Functions

  • New psychedelic drugs like 2C-E and others directly influence the serotonin receptors inside your brain.
  • When you take high dosages of these illicit drugs, your heart rate rises fast.
  • Your blood vessels contract.
  • Temperatures become erratic and climb out of control.
  • Any of these reactions can result in death.

It all boils down to the fact that you should not begin the habit of using high doses of low-potency or high-potency psychedelic drugs.

Disrupting Other Chemical Body Signals

Clearly understand that these new-breed illicit drugs negatively affect additional vital chemical signals such as norepinephrine that operate inside your body. Norepinephrine is a catecholamine forerunner of epinephrine. Epinephrine stimulates autonomic nerve action and responds to stress.

Dopamine is a vital brain neurotransmitter chemical signal inside your body that influences how your central nervous system works. Its function is disrupted when you use psychedelic drugs.

Dopastat and Intropin drugs are medically prescribed for treating hypotension and shock. Unexpected reactions occur when you ingest illicit psychedelic drugs that set off a slew of dangerous contraindications within your body.

Should You Take Psychedelic Drugs?

Some people promote the use of psychedelic drugs, and they construct a theory of goodness about a psychedelic experience. They warn though that the practice of taking psychedelics is not a ‘fun and game’ weekend experience for frightened young people with frail mental abilities.

While they make it clear that they do not promote the use of these drugs, some professionals suggest that the drugs can enhance better personal and community integration when used in a controlled environment as an optimistic tool. That is a matter of opinion, which demands continued debate.

Dazed Psychedelic Users of the Past

The hysteria that accompanied psychedelic drug use decades ago left a scornful mark on America. Flower children walked around in a daze brought on by the use of the drugs. They simply wandered around getting high and preaching about love. Their intellectual leader was not helping the situation and appeared to be as dazed as his followers.

Possible Legitimate Use for Certain Group’s Benefit

Despite this illicit psychedelic conundrum, researchers state that they are close to finding legitimate uses for these drugs. They may be appropriately used to ease the fear of death in terminally-ill people, as well as helping addicts to recover from drug addiction, according to the researchers.

Helping People Recover from Psychedelic Drug Addiction

If you are using psychedelic drugs and want help to recover from your addiction, contact an inpatient treatment facility that is licensed to treat you specifically for your type of addiction. Find out what you need to know about the newest drug trends today and take steps to get help right away.