Nicotine and Smoking

With all the drugs used Today, the most common ones, nicotine and smoking, are legal and the deadliest. The thing is nicotine and smoking Nicotine and Smokingcause the most death, disease, and damages to the body than any other. The reason is, because, so many people choose to ignore the health hazards of ingesting this harmful stimulant. On average, cigarette smoke takes the lives of 90% of all lung cancer cases in the US, and almost 40,000 deaths per year are directly influenced and attributed to nicotine and smoking related problems. Why people still do it is a mystery that will forever try to be resolved. Both products are illegal for kids under eighteen, but rarely does that ever matter. If a kid under eighteen wants it bad enough, than like a video game, he or she will steal, beg, or get an older friend or relative to do the dirty work and buy it for them. There’s almost no stopping this because it’s too widespread.

The First Step Toward Recovery from Nicotine and Smoking

The first step, however, comes through awareness. Individuals need to realize that nicotine and smoking is incredibly and tremendously addictive. The tar dramatically increases cancer in the lungs, the risk of emphysema, and especially chronic bronchitis. On top of all that, it ruins cardiovascular functions, leading to other diseases that people are not so thrilled to develop. Even worse than all this, pregnant women may lose their babies or end up with some serious mental retardation and birth defects. If still that is not enough to sway the audience away, then secondhand smoke surely will, with a great risk to secondhanders that are in rooms with smokers or spend great deals of time with smokers. The trend is very upsetting, and only by knowing the dangers and remaining abstinence from it can be a true cure.

The Startling Statistics

It’s startling to realize that over 70 million American that are aged twelve and older have tried nicotine and smoking once or twice in a monthThe Startling Statistics alone. That number is huge, and these companies are getting away with too much leeway at the risk of young adults, kids, and family members. Also surprising, over 8% of all eighth graders have smoked a cigarette living on this planet Today. With all the signs, commercials, and gimmicks to lead kids away, it’s now in the hands of the parents to better educate their children about the health hazards of making a life out of smoking. The number jumpers to over 19% of all 12th graders in high school, making them at extreme exposure. If these cigarettes and nicotine were legal then maybe kids would realize that smoking it is not some secret, it kills, and if you want to die then smoke away. Everyone needs a chance.

Socially or Chronic Smoker

Whether one smokes socially or is a chronic smoker, the body just was not meant to be filled with smoke. People may joke around and kid themselves all day but the fact remains that nicotine and smoking causes death, it’s directly correlated to disease and respiratory problems that can lead to more problems.