Percocet Addiction

Many people develop an Percocet addiction each year. Usually, painkillers are not taken with a malicious intent. Someone is prescribed Percocet Addictionpainkillers because of their needs. Unfortunately, it is easy to become addicted to opiates meant for pain relief. Addiction is serious and can result in many negative changes in a person’s life and harm their health.

Signs of a Percocet Addiction

There are a lot of different signs that a person might have a Percocet addiction.

  • The first sign is when a person has a very high tolerance to the drug. This means that a person is going to need to take more and more of the drug to help them with their pain.
  • The second sign of a Percocet addiction is when a person begins to depend on the drugs. This means a person is going to go through some major withdraw symptoms when they have only missed one dose.
  • The third sign of a Percocet addiction is when other people begin to see that a person’s mood is changing from moment to moment. Therefore, their behavior is going to change like the person is being hostile or anxious about certain things in their life.
  • The fourth sign is when a person is craving the drug. Therefore, a person is probably going to do whatever they can to get the drugs and they could try to avoid being around some of their friends or loved ones for a long period of time.
  • The fifth sign of a Percocet addiction is when a person is starting to have a lot of problems with their finances. This could be because they are using all of their money to get a hold of the drugs that they need.
  • The sixth sign is when a person is starting to become very deceitful to all of their friends and family. This means that the person could be trying to get certain prescriptions from different doctors for the drugs or even trying to buy the drugs off the street.
  • The seventh sign of a Percocet addiction is when a person is in more pain then they were when they first starting taking the prescription for the pain. This pain could include stomach cramps that might cause vomiting and diarrhea.
  • The eighth sign is when a person is having a lot of trouble with their sleep patterns at night. These sleep problems might include insomnia and restlessness from a lack of sleep that a person could be suffering from. Therefore, a person is probably going to be very irritable.
  • The ninth sign of a Percocet addiction is when a person starts to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. This could mean that a person is not eating like they should be eating. It could be that the person is not eating any meals at all.
  • The tenth sign is when a person begins to steal things. They could be stealing them so that they could sell them for more money to buy the drugs. Therefore, the person is also going to be lying to you.

Side Effects of Painkiller Addiction

Painkillers have a number of side effects that make them pleasurable to users and can result in addiction. While someone may be taking painkillers Side Effects of Percocet Addictionto relieve a psychical pain, they can find the painkiller helps with emotional problems as well. Painkillers also help many people relax, or feel a sense of euphoria. When a person is finished with painkillers for their ailment they can still crave the drug because of these other pleasant effects.

Overcoming and Addiction to Painkillers

For those suffering from addiction, painkillers become vital to their life. Though taking painkillers when not required to can harm ones health and hurt one’s relationship, addiction is hard to deal with. Painkillers can be seen as a way to solve all ones problems and the withdrawal process can be too painful to bear. Though difficult, it is possible to overcome an addiction to painkillers.