Prescription Drug Facts

There are some prescription drug facts that many people today have found surprising. One of the most surprising is that prescription drugs are regularly abused in various ways. Many of the drugs that are being abused come in tablet form. People who are using and abusing prescription drugs usually either orally consume the tablets or end up crushing them. Tablets are crushed into powder and then snorted, or the powder is dissolved in water and then inject into the blood stream.

Who are abusing prescription drugs?

Prescription Drug Facts

Prescription Drug Facts

Not surprisingly that mostly young people are abusing prescription drugs. But there are individuals of all age groups who are also among the ranks. Facts taken from the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse revealed that more than 35 million US residents that are now 12 years of age and older have reported abusing drugs once in their life. Results taken from the survey also showed that millions of teens and younger adults have also admitted to abusing prescription drugs.

Statistical Abuse Rates

There were over 2.6 million children aged 12 to 17 and 6.9 million young adults aged 18 to 25 who were found to have abused prescription drugs. It is alarming to note that prescription drug abuse has been high among student in high school. More than 10 percent of seniors in the United States high schools had abused narcotics at least once. This was discovered in a survey monitored by the University of Michigan. A little more than 16 percent of those seniors had abused amphetamines, 11 percent used tranquilizers and 10 percent abused barbiturates.

Risks Involved

What are the risks associated with abusing prescription drugs? Prescription drug facts showed that abuse is dependent upon the drugs that young people are using. Abusing prescriptions drugs such as pain relievers, opioids and narcotics could result in respiratory depression that could prove fatal. Abusing depressants such as benzodiazephine, barbiturates, tranquilizers and sedatives place young people at risk of experiencing seizures. Other effect such as respiratory depression along with a decreased heart rate can also become life-threatening conditions.

Help Curb this Trend

To help curb this trend, young people who are struggling with narcotic and prescription drug abuse can benefit greatly from rehab. The concern for their well-being should be of paramount importance as it can truly save their lives. It is also vital to understand where young people are getting these prescription drugs. Many drugs come from family members, friends and peers. Young people who are abusing these prescription drugs often times steal them from others who legally have access to them. The cause of abuse should be the real focus of attention after considering these prescription drug facts, with the intent to put a stop to this trend with the help of rehab and professional medical guidance.

by Vance Harrington