Codeine Addiction

Many people do not realize that codeine addiction is one of the most difficult drugs to liberate your body from. At first it was believed that Codeine Addictioncodeine started as a normal misuse. It was used as a medicine to relax the muscles. Codeine has paracetamol, a common drug that is used in many over the counter pills to relief pains and headaches. This is why it is very easy to begin reliance because you become dependent on this drug to relieve your pain.

Consequences of Codeine Addiction

The consequences of this malicious drug are fatal thus it has become a drug that only doctors are able to prescribe. Being addicted to codeine will kill you slowly. A person who is addicted to opiates do not develop their codeine addiction over night. It is not an illegal substance. However, if used without a prescribed medicine high penalties will occur. The body has a life of its own ironically this can be the worst reason why it can create a codeine addiction without you knowing it. You can start with small doses but once the body accustoms itself to this traitorous painkiller it is very hard to become free of it.

Symptoms of Codeine Addiction

Consequences of Codeine AddictionSome of the symptoms you may start having when you generate a codeine addiction are obviously dizzy and week. Since it’s a pain killer it will slowly accustom the mind into confusing it to act at a normal speed. This is the first organ that will attack therefore after the brain is addicted the rest of the body starts to slowly decay. It will make the body believe its tired and you will become dizzy more and more as your body becomes closer to death. This is because you become a week person and you begin to sleep longer because you think you are tired. Not to mention you done eat as much. Therefore, the vitamins necessary to maintain the body healthy begin to flood out of your body due to constant uncontrollable urine flow. The second stage when having a codeine addiction is worse. Your mind is not going to be functioning at all as it is suppose to. You will start to slowly begin to have dementia, once you are in your senses you will feel an anxiety because your body is going through panic.


Since you are definitely now in a serious stage of codeine addiction every time your body tries to fight out of this drug you will panic because you will feel deprived of strength. By not being able to move your body will just inevitably will give up and shut down. Like a car that has no more gas and you keep trying to push it. Your body will just collapse.