About Heroin

A major fact you need to know about heroin is that it is extremely addictive and has major negative effects on the body. Heroin is an opiate drug which is made out of morphine that comes from a poppy plant. In appearance, you would notice heroin as a powder that is white or brown. It also comes in a sticky substance that is black and often called “black tar”. Knowing about heroin and knowing just how bad it can be for the body and mind is very important.

Heroin Affects the Brain

Heroin Affects the BrainHeroin can be sniffed, smoked, or injected and the effects go to the brain. Whether heroin is injected into the veins, smoked through the lungs, or absorbed in the bloodstream, it all leads to very severe health problems. Heroin affects the brain in a very negative manner. It will give the user a rush feeling which is then followed by a dry mouth, a hot feeling coming over the skin and the extremities will feel very heavy. After this, the user will have a drowsy feeling and their mental functional abilities become very confused. A tolerance for regular users develops and the user will have to have more of the heroin to achieve the same results. Eventually this catches up with the brain and will lead to a heroin addiction.

Heroin use can cause serious overdoses, abortions, HIV and AIDS, hepatitis and other infectious diseases. Users may find their veins collapsing, their heart lining becoming infected, their kidneys suffering from disease as well as the liver. Depression is common with someone who uses heroin as well as the development of pneumonia. Respiration can become labored. Not only is the drug bad itself, but the street heroin can have other things added to it that can cause brain damage as well as damage to the organs of the body.

Heroin Addiction

Continued use of heroin will cause the user to be dependent on it. If they ever want to stop, their body with go through a terrible withdrawal. The Heroin Addictionsymptoms of withdrawal can last for months. If someone is considered a heavy user dependent on the drug and tries to withdraw from the drug, it can be fatal.

If someone is pregnant and taking heroin, it can result in the baby being lost, having developmental problems and a low weight at birth. If the mother is addicted to heroin, the baby may be born being dependent on the drug and could suffer horrible complications which would require the baby be hospitalized.

There is nothing about heroin that is good. Be smart and stay away from heroin.