Illegal drugs are a major part of contemporary society, and they have been for a long time. One of the more infamous club drugs on the market is MDMA, better known as Ecstasy. It has become popular among college students because of the rave party scene. However, the people who use it are obviously unaware of dangerous aspects of this drug.

What is Ecstasy

First of all, what is Ecstasy? MDMA is a form of Methamphetamine, so it’s a drug which is a lot more dangerous than people give it credit for. And,Ecstasy there is a long list of affects the user will generally experience. For instance, seeing how it’s a very powerful stimulant the user will experience hyperactivity, stimulated sex drive, and in some cases auditory delusions. And, most users report feeling a sense of empathy (probably why during the time of Freud it was marketed as Empathy to couples having marital problems).

Post Effects

But, there is also a list of post-effects the user will experience, and these effects are a little more dangerous. In fact, a lot of the effects users experience is psychological. Effects include anxiety, depression, and depleted focus. Some of the physical effects are vertigo, depleted appetite, and exhaustion. But, one of the major problems with Ecstasy is depression because the drug lowers levels of Serotonin. So, the user will undoubtedly stop finding joy in anything because of the chemical imbalance. Depression is such a problem among MDMA users that they call Tuesdays, Suicide Tuesdays. This is because of the sense of depression they get in the middle of the week.


Overdosing is also a serious problem among Ecstasy users. In fact, one of the major problems with overdosing is the presence of psychosis. Meaning, the user will temporarily go insane from overdosing on MDMA. The psychosis will include symptoms of confusion, paranoia, and anxiety. Plus, the user will experience major heart problems after overdosing. Heart problems such as severe chest pains, a very fast heartbeat, or even a Cardiac Arrhythmia. But, there is also a strong possibility of becoming comatose or even dying. For this reason, the abuse of this drug is a very serious matter. So, college students need to be aware of the effect club drugs have on their bodies.

Major Problems

One of the major problems of Ecstasy is the purity of the drug because most dealers cut the MDMA with even more dangerous substances. For example, many drug dealers use Caffeine and Methamphetamine in the pills so they can use as little MDMA as possible. They have even been reported cases of tablets containing ibuprofen, which in high doses is very dangerous for your liver. Plus, a lot of the reported MDMA deaths are attributed to para-Methoxyamphetamine, which a power stimulant with psychedelic properties. The bottom line is there is no such thing as pure Ecstasy. Among the list of illicit drugs, MDMA is one of the more dangerous ones. For this reason, it’s a major problem that we need to address. In fact, eradication of this drug is imperative.