Club Drug Addiction

Club Drug Addiction

Club Drug Addiction

Club drug addiction is on the rise among teenagers and young adults. Various types of drugs, such as Ecstasy, crystal meth and cocaine are particularly used at disco bars and dance clubs; hence the name “club” drugs. Generally, users of these of club drugs feel the need to be socially accepted among their peers. In taking club drugs, users can feel alert and stimulated, which enables them to dance and mingle with friends for longer periods of time. Teenagers and young adults do not fully understand the harmful affects of these drugs, especially when mixed with alcohol. Young individuals who experiment with drugs are more likely to become addicted than someone who is above the influence of drugs.

Ketamine Addiction

Recently, the drug Katamine has gained popularity among club drugs. Known on the streets as “Special K”, Katamine is intended for use by veterinarians as an anesthetic for animals about to undergo surgery. When taken by humans, the affects of Katamine varies. Being a drug associated with club drug addiction, low dosages of this drugs can affect the ability to concentrate and may also have a negative impact on the memory. With increased dosages, the user may experience hallucinations similarly to that of LSD. When taken in excessive amounts, the drug can be fatal in humans.

Drug Addiction

By definition, drug addiction is the compulsive need for a person to use controlled substances in order to function. Most club drugs fall under the category of drugs known as “stimulants”. These drugs are typically used to increase energy and alertness. The pleasant affects the drugs have on an individual is a feeling of euphoria and self-gratification. As the drug affects wear off, the individual may experience severe depression, which often leads them in taking another dose. As the addiction becomes increasingly pronounced, the depression worsens each time the affects of the drug wear off. This is most likely the reason for club drug addiction. The moment the user feels they are no longer feeling the affects of the drug, the more they feel the need for another dose. This is usually how drug addiction begins.

Club Drug Addiction Combined with Alcohol

Club drugs, in combination with alcohol consumption or other drugs can be deadly. Additionally, club drug addiction can also lead to what is known as “date rape”, such as in the use of the drug, Ecstasy. Oftentimes, Ecstasy is slipped into a drink or food by a predator. The unsuspecting victim may quickly give in to the drug’s affects and may not remember the assault ever having occurred. Date rape commonly occurs on colleges campuses and, in many occasions, the victims are acquainted with their assailant.

Life Threatening Addiction

All drug addictions are serious and potentially life-threatening. Most individuals require interventions in order to get sober. Depending upon the frequency and the amount of drug dosages, a safe detoxification program is readily available and should be sought out as soon as possible. With proper on-going treatment, the individual, even those afflicted with club drug addiction, can once again enjoy a life of sobriety.

by Vance Harrington