Addiction and Pain

Addiction and Pain

Addiction and Pain

Drug addiction and pain is not only a medically dependency, it’s an actual disease. Often times, it runs in families. However, pain drug dependency stems from some type of chronic pain. It can be from back injury and surgery, a broken arm or leg, or the pain can appear from many various reasons and symptoms.

Freely Prescribed Medication

Too often you see doctors freely prescribing pain medications. What’s harmful to the addiction and pain patient is prescribing refills and keeping them on the medication and without running tests or taking more in depth x-rays from where the pain is coming from. This is how people get addicted to heavy pain medications. They start out with a low dose and then when the low doses no longer kill the pain, the doctor prescribes stronger medication without taking precautions to digging deeper at finding out what the real problem or illness is.

There are more and more people in today’s society going through drug addiction and pain. All too often, they go through the rehab multiple times and keep relapsing, and they don’t fight hard enough.

Are You Falling Off the Wagon?

With addiction and pain patients that keep falling off the wagon, it takes a specialist working with these type of people for treatment to be effective. It takes consistent meetings and counseling to finally get to the bottom of what all the pain is coming from. Most often, it’s all a mental problem.

A lot of people often go through pain medical addiction along with the pain, without ever coming up with a definite diagnosis. It’s surprising how many doctors don’t dig deeper to find what the real problem is and as a result; letting the patient suffer from the real culprit illness or disease and thus end up deceased. Sad fact, however true.

It’s Time to Break Your Addiction and Pain

Successful rehab comes from firstly a specialist doctor who has been in their field long enough to actually know what they are doing. Second the addiction and pain patient needs support from family and friends. And finally, keeping them in rehab long enough so that relapse is not likely. Then after the successful rehab, follow up counseling needs to happen. The addict needs to agree to fight hard enough to rise above their addictions and also agree with their doctor to do everything that’s suggested.

Addiction and pain is a very lonely place to be in. True successful rehabilitation happens when the addict works to the best of their ability to rise above this lonely place. Also the addict needs to be surrounded with positive people.

What it Takes

It takes “real” consistent work, a positive attitude, support from family and friends, and willingness to listen to the doctor’s orders. (and also follow them) to truly rise above addiction and pain.

by Vance Harrington