Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention

The people we love do not always see how deeply they are addicted; an addiction intervention is a strong positive way to deal with a desperate situation. An addict does not know, or wants to admit they need an intervention. They think they can move through life just fine the way they are, creating havoc in the lives of family and friends. As a friend or family member you are in a position to help them out of their desperate situation, however, you cannot do it alone.

Handling Drug Addiction Intervention

You need to find, an organization already equipped to handle a drug addiction intervention. Every individual situation is different, there may be set rules to an intervention, but not set ways of administering an intervention. A drug intervention organization will help you by collecting the information needed about the addict. They will take you through the steps of deciding what needs to be addressed during an intervention. Who has to show up to the actual intervention?

This organization will teach you what is involved in an addiction intervention beforehand giving you to strength to move forward. This kind of education is invaluable because it gives you power. You will also learn how to choose the right treatment for your loved one. Perhaps setting up a place to send the addict once the intervention succeeds, and they have agreed and want to do something about their addiction.

The Steps Involved in and Addiction Intervention


  • Have a family member or friend is going to need to contact a counselor or a social worker to be at the intervention. Therefore, this person is also going to need to contact the family and friends of the person.

Information about Treatment Programs

  • Do a lot of research on the type of addiction that a person might have according to some of the symptoms that a person could be showing. Therefore, the person is going to need already enrolled into the program.

Who is Going to be Involved in the Intervention

  • Once this is done, then everyone is going to need to get together so that they can plan out all of the details on the intervention. It is very important that the loved one does not know anything about the intervention until that day.

Consequences Without Treatment

  • There will be a variety of things that are going to make the person want to go through the treatment program. These things could include kicking them out of the house or taking their children away from them.

Plan Out Everything

  • You are probably going to need to write all of it down. Therefore, a person is going to need to use certain examples of the person’s life in which the addiction to the drugs has affected the person’s life whether it be through their finances or their social life.

Intervention Meeting

  • You need to convince them person that they need to come to the meeting without telling them about the meeting. This means that all of the people in the meeting need to express all of their concerns and their feelings that they might have about the addiction that the person’s has to the drugs.

Follow Up

  • This is going to need to be done after the person gets out of the treatment program. This is because the friends and family members of this person is not going to want the person to have a relapse. Therefore, they are going to need to pay attention to this person’s actions.

Setting Up a Program

Setting up a program for your loved one to go to is the most important decision you will make. You do not want to leave an intervention without a program already set. Every moment count when an addict is ready! You have to strike while the iron is hot and immediately and take them into a program.

Remember an addiction intervention is not a confrontation; it is a way of reaching out into the snake pit and pulling your loved one out of the bottom. If you know about the addiction and can set up an intervention early in the addict’s life the better, addictions only get worse they never get better.


An interventionist will help you plan either in person or on the phone, expect a few meetings to discuss all the details. Gathering the entire members involved in the addict’s life, for a pre-meeting is important. Everyone will learn about addictions giving you power to deal with the situation at hand. Be informed and set up an addiction intervention today, and save a loved one’s life.

Procedures of Handling Intervention

Keep in mind that each organization has its own procedures of handling an addiction intervention, therefore, do the research that fits your needs. Ask all the questions necessary to inform you of what will take place. The basic intervention will take place in an in-house program. All the required details planned before the intervention. Being a team is essential in helping your loved one. Addicts do not understand their desperate situation, be patient be prepared! Let them know how much you love them through this addiction


by Vance Harrington