Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

As several people hear of drug addiction, sex addiction, alcoholism, and nicotine addiction, they may never heard about sugar addiction, thus making it hard for a sugar addict to know they may have a problem with sugar addiction. This is a true and real situation that several people around the world have addiction to sugar. The name sugar addiction is real and used when a person binges on sweet food and impossible to stop eating sugar filled treats.

Sugar Addiction is not just to Candy

Some sugar addicts will notice that this is not necessarily people whom eat just candy, they may not eat candy at all; pies, cakes, brownies, and pastries of any type is consumed and craved from a person is someone whom faces sugar addiction. There are some telltale signs and symptoms of having sugar addiction. Such as

  • If you eat more than two sugar filled treats daily there maybe signs of addiction
  • When feeling sad you eat only high sugar content treats
  • Eating sugar filled sweets until you become nauseous from too much candy, pastries, or cakes.
  • You become defensive when someone suggests you to not eat so much sweets
  • You become defensive if someone will not go buy you candy and
  • Eating sugary foods like candy, chocolates, and pastries every day several times a day and without the sugar, you feel lethargic, moody, and depressed.

One of the important thoughts for sugar addicts are the depressed moods or becoming moody without the sweet tooth being taking care of. This may be not only an addiction symptom but it also goes deeper into a behavioral addiction, or behavioral addictions. Bringing this to a physician’s attention is important, as counseling could help to break the cycle of behavioral sugar cravings.

A Large Problem of Sugar Addiction

There is a large problem, as many suffering from sugar addiction do not realize it and they continue to suffer through the cravings. Additionally, it may cause the addict to sugar to be in denial. That will slow the progress of getting help to stop eating the sweets. However, do not despair as there are a variety of ways to help the addiction of sugar, whether behavioral cravings, or just addiction.

One way to help to recognize if there is a sugar addiction is to stop eating or having any sugar for one full day. If symptoms such as

  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Shakes
  • Depression or
  • Anxiety occur

Then the sugar has influenced and ensnared the addict. 

The difficulty for sugar addicts is not being able to recognize they have no problem. For most addicts it is highly recommended that they do not stop all sugars at once. Then the addict’s body will not start to have severe and deep seeded cravings. Realizing that this is a real addiction is a large part of the addicts life will help the addict to see and or pay closer attention to their diets.

Never be Embarrassed

Never be embarrassed with the addiction as this could cause behavioral cravings as with any addiction if hidden and the addict is sneaking around so others do not know that they are sugar addicts can become worse as the addict will look down on themselves worse than if they were to not hide the addiction to sugar.

by Vance Harrington