Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

As many people hear of drug addiction, sex addiction, alcoholism, and nicotine addiction, but they may have never have heard about sugar addiction.  Those who have this type of addiction are often unaware that there might be a problem, until their weight increases a lot, or they notice other problems such as dental issues, and declining health due to lack of proper nutrition.

Sugar Addiction is Not Just About Candy

Sugar addiction is not necessarily people who eat a lot of candy, they may not eat candy at all; pies, cakes, brownies, and pastries of any type are also consumed and craved by a person who faces sugar addiction. There are some telltale signs and symptoms of sugar addiction, such as:

  • If you eat more than two sugar filled treats daily.
  • When feeling sad, you eat only high sugar content treats.
  • Eating sugar-filled sweets until you become nauseous.
  • You become defensive when someone suggests you not eat so many sweets.
  • You become defensive if someone will not go buy you candy.
  • Without sugar you feel lethargic, moody, and depressed.

Feeling depressed without regular sugar “fixes” may be not only an addiction symptom, but it  goes deeper into a behavioral addiction.  Bringing this to a physician’s attention is important, as counseling could help to break the cycle of behavioral sugar cravings.

A Large Problem of Sugar Addiction

There is a large problem, as many suffering from sugar addiction do not realize it and they continue to suffer through the cravings. Additionally, it may cause the addict to be in denial. That will slow the progress of getting help to stop eating the sweets. However, there are a variety of ways to help the addiction to sugar, whether behavioral cravings, or just addiction.

One way to recognize if there is a sugar addiction is to stop eating or having any sugar for one full day.  If the following symptoms occur, then the person is probably going to need help of some type.  The symptoms might include:

  • Headaches
  • Tiredness
  • Shakes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Sugar has influenced and ensnared the addict if they can’t get through one day without any.

For most addicts, it is highly recommended that they do not stop all sugars at once. This way, the addict’s body will not have severe and deep seeded cravings. Realizing that this is a real addiction that is a large part of the addict’s life will help the person see and or pay closer attention to their diet.

Never Be Embarrassed

Never be embarrassed with the addiction as this could cause behavioral cravings, as with any addiction.  If the addiction is hidden and the addict is sneaking around , it can become worse as the addict will begin to look down on his/her self.

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