Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction affects many people in our society and some of them think that the hundreds of advertisements we see on TV, newspapers, and other media, heightens the desire to continue to shop. We see advertisements constantly on how happy certain products make us feel and how important it is to buy these products. Shopping addiction is not new and often begins at an early age; specifically in teen years. Some consider shopping addiction as behavioral addiction.

Shopping Addiction is a Behavioral Addiction

All of us shop and most of the time, it is enjoyable. However, the difference between normal shopping and addictive shopping is that addictive shopping is done in order to handle stress and anxiety. Those who have this addiction find that being addicted to shopping affects their finances and their relationships with family and friends. Shopping addiction is considered by some to be an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Several Indications of Shopping Addiction

There are several indications that a person is addicted to shopping such as thinking all of the time about shopping and the desire to spend money. This kind of addiction has a certain ritual and behavior to it such as thinking about shopping, planning trips to shop, shopping, and a desire to feel happy and good again. Of course, after they have shopped, he or she feels let down and disappointed in their behavior.

Most people who are addicted to shopping are trying desperately to get away from depression, boredom, anxiety, and anger. No matter how long he or she shops, sooner or later he or she will soon begin to feel lost, alone, and depressed.

You Need Help for This Addiction

If one feels a need to get help for this addiction, there are treatments that can help such as financial counseling, various therapies, and self-help books. Your family physician can also give you advice on how to manage this addiction. Some also say that by shopping with people who don’t spend compulsively is a good idea because that will help you with your spending habits.

Find Another Enjoyable Activity

Other ways to overcome addictive shopping is by finding other enjoyable activities such as walking, biking, working at a new hobby, or just enjoying what you have. Also, if you find that you are depressed most of the time, find out what is causing the depression. Maybe you are lonely now that your children are gone or maybe you are not able to share your feelings with your loved ones. No matter what is causing this addiction, find ways that you can feel happy and loved. Many addictions are brought on by loneliness and feeling detached from others. Because you are a worthy person, seek and find the help you need to overcome this addictive behavior.

If you ever find yourself hiding purchases after you have bought them, find that your credit card debt is increasing, buying items you don’t need or use, or feel depressed after you shop, get help for your shopping addiction from your family physician or mental health professional.

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