Internet Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Internet Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Internet Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Internet addiction is a behavioral addiction that directly impacts your way of life. Internet addiction signs and symptoms include out of control behavioral patterns like inability to limit online usage, obsession with use of the internet, always having a fixating mind with increased urged of being online and denial about the nature of your online behavior. Behavioral addictions show clearly when a person cannot control time spent on the internet to the extent it negatively impacts on family life, school, work, relationships; generally, this behavior can cause impairments in other performance areas.

An Uncontrollable Addiction

Just like other forms of addictions, it becomes very hard to tell when a person becomes hooked until the problem becomes uncontrollable. Exercising caution is important, but it is advisable to see a mental health specialist if you have nearly all the following internet addiction signs and symptoms.


Preoccupation about internet activities before and after online usage is a very strong signal that dictates control of time spent online. If left unchecked internet addiction signs and symptoms can become serious, and once hooked people detach from reality leading them to rely solely on online relationships, thus, denting their ability to honor emotional commitments.

The Feeling of Satisfaction

Some people derive satisfaction with increased usage and this leads to inability to stop reliance on the internet. Understanding internet addiction signs and symptoms can help people avoid irresponsible behaviors like neglect of duties, as a result most people cannot effectively manage their work life balance. Besides this, spending long hours on the net can lead to physical complications or ailments like stress disorders, headaches, eye strain, back, neck, and shoulder pains. Also, due to low activity levels increased online usage contributes to poor health and physical hygiene.

Internet Addiction Signs and Symptoms Vary

Internet addictions signs and symptoms vary from person to person. Some people experience heavy withdrawal symptoms especially with reduced internet usage they experience emotional related disorders like depression, irritability, and restlessness or become temperamental. This leads to increased dependence on internet to balance their mood, hence, become entangled in the internet addictive cycles.

Lost Sense of Time

Lost sense of time is another common symptom of internet addiction since most people become self-denial when confronted about the nature their online behaviors. Therefore, once hooked people start creating excuses and lie about their internet usage. This is a risky internet addiction behavior given that people tend to idolize things in life, thus, people have a tendency to replace very important parts life with internet related icons. Such behaviors can lead to people rendering things like marriages, education, and careers null and void.

Creation of Excuses

Once hooked most people create excuses and create lies to show how important it is to use the internet in their lives. Other people hide under the internet umbrella when faced with stress or problems, thus, setting beliefs in virtual realities to escape from responsibilities or challenges faced in the real world.

It’s Time to Seek Help

It is important to seek specialist services from physician, therapist or counselor when experiencing any of the above mentioned internet addiction signs and symptoms. Neglect of the same can lead to dangerous emotional, physical and behavioral addiction related conditions. Like other addictions, it becomes easier to control the problem in the earlier stages before becoming hooked.



by Vance Harrington