Gambling Addiction

Suffering in silence is part of gambling addiction; this type of sickness takes a toll destroying the person gambling. It starts with the occasional bet, usually at a young age and then develops into a real desperation and a compulsive addiction which requires help from drug rehabs and treatment facilities to successfully overcome.

Gambling Addiction Destroys Everyone

Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

No matter the game; be it poker, bingo, slots, horses, or online gaming. Gambling addiction can turn dangerously ugly, dragging you down into the pit. Gambling destroys everyone in its path starting with you first and moving on to family and close friends. In the beginning yes, you may have some control while enjoying the thrill. That thrill is the juice to the brain that motivates this sickness; the thrill of the win be it large or small. A gambler continues to seek that feeling of excitement the triumph of the win.

The Start of Gambling Addiction

One does not have to gamble every day to escape the pull of the next bet; you can start small perhaps just the daily number, once winning that’s it; you are hooked. Then you raise the bets and spend your money, more and more each day until you find yourself avoiding people, hiding money, or being depressed and ashamed. As the problem grows, your personality changes affecting your moods and the way in which you treat people. Finally, gambling becomes a compulsive addiction changing your life for the worst.

Need Extra Money

You begin contemplating how to get the extra money; you plan and plot, and begin to steal and lie about it. It’s been researched in studies to discover that one out of five people going through gambling addiction commit suicide. That is very serious and desperate. Despair in your life takes a toll, and everyone involved in your life pays a price.

Gambling Addiction is More Prominent in Men

This behavioral addiction is more prominent in men, however; the pressures of success affect more women today, looking for immediate financial gratification in gambling. How do you know if you are dealing with gambling addiction? You find yourself making bets in secret, afraid to explain a large win. A sure sign of addiction is not being able to walk away from a bet, spending your last dollar, raising the bet. Becoming desperate and borrowing money first from your friends, and family, then deception set in, you start using money allotted for your bills, and if you rob your children’s piggy bank well now is the time to seek help, it can only deteriorate from here!

Help is Available

No one wants to find a note from you after you have killed yourself! Help is available to you in many forms; either you go to a rehab that specializes in gambling addiction. Look for a group of people discussing the problems and managing it together by offering support to one another. Seek a professional therapist who will get down to the real problem lying underneath the emotional trigger that causes this desperate behavior. Take the step today there is available help! Lead your loved one to it, before it is too late, and you find a note!

by Vance Harrington