What is the Best Drug Rehab Program for Long-Term Addiction?

The experiences that a person goes through when addicted to drugs can vary greatly, as much of the signs and symptoms of addiction can range wildly among each addict. The length of the addiction can also factor greatly into these experiences. The longer the addiction lasts without the user attempting to seek treatment, the more difficult it will be to recover from the addiction, which will also present itself through more severe symptoms and effects of the drug use. The following will provide a detailed look at what the best drug rehabilitation program is for long-term drug addiction.

The Key to Breaking the Cycle

Though all types of addiction are difficult to recover from, whether the user has been addicted to a drug for one week or ten years, these difficulties do become more overt with time. As addiction continues, the body becomes more and more dependent on the drug in order to function properly. During this time, the side effects and symptoms of the addiction will typically worsen in those instances where the user is not currently high. As such, they will feel the need to lessen the pain by taking more of the drug.

It’s a very tricky cycle to break, especially if the addiction has been so long-term that the user can’t remember what it was like not to be dependent on the drug. The key towards breaking this addiction and fully recovering is to seek a drug rehabilitation program that has all of the services in place to ensure that you are able to eventually rid yourself of the addiction.

Treatment Options are Numerous

For many recovering addicts, there are two types of drug rehabilitation programs available, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. Inpatient rehabilitation provides patients with a residential facility where they will spend all of their time for a lengthy period of at least one month to a few months before the rehabilitation ends and they can continue with aftercare treatment. This is different from outpatient treatment in that outpatient rehabilitation allows the user to travel from home to work and school, while simply attending treatment a few times per week during the afternoons and evenings.

Inpatient rehabilitation is more useful for long-term drug addiction due to the fact that the user won’t have access to the drug that they were addicted to. Given the difficulties of recovering from a long-term addiction, these recovering addicts will benefit greatly from being in a clean and safe environment where drug use is not an option. Many of those that are going through a long-term addiction tend to stay at an inpatient rehabilitation program for a period of three months to a year. Another benefit of inpatient rehabilitation, when it comes to the treatment of long-term drug addiction, is that users will have access to a wide range of activities designed to aid in their recovery and put them in a better state physically and mentally when leaving the facility than they were upon entering.

Now is the Time to Seek Help

These activities include everything from the ability to obtain your GED, or  choose a new career path, or learn a hobby, and make new friends that are going through the same thing you are. You’ll also have the added benefit of receiving 24/7 care by medical professionals should an issue ever arise with your recovery. All in all, if you’ve been addicted to a drug for a while, now is the time to seek inpatient treatment in a drug rehab program.