Unknown Facts About Methamphetamines

Facts About MethamphetaminesMethamphetamine is a drug that stimulates the central nervous system stimulant. This drug has a very high potential to be abused. Because of these potential methamphetamines are only available through a prescription and are just prescribed for some medical issues. A prescription for this drug cannot be refilled. This drug is classified by the DEA as a Schedule II drug, meaning it has a high potential for abuse, physical or psychological dependency, or addiction.  Below are some facts about methamphetamines that you probably did not know:

  • It is usually injected, smoked or snorted
  • Can cause hypothermia
  • Causes increased heart rate
  • Increases blood pressure
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Produces an intensely pleasurable sensation known as a “rush.”
  • Releases dopamine into the brain

Other Dangerous Effects and Facts About Methamphetamines

This drug can also cause irritability, insomnia, anxiety, and paranoia. There are many unsettling facts about methamphetamines such as the long-term effects it can have on a person abusing the drug. These long-term effects can include violent and psychotic behavior, hallucinations, and homicidal/suicidal thoughts. That is the reason why this drug is rated as a Schedule II drug. Not only is it addictive but abusing this drug can cause a lot of adverse side effects.

The abuse of this drug has ruined many people’s lives. This is one of the most challenging drugs to get off of. It is a terrible addiction to fight. That is one of the worst facts about methamphetamines, but there is help out there. Rehab centers help addicts overcome their addiction and help them through the pain of detox. At times medical detox is used to reduce the pain of this process.

Treatment for Addiction to Methamphetamines

Overall, methamphetamines are hazardous drugs. They should only be used for medical purposes. Abusing these can lead to addiction, health issues, and death.  In most cases, addiction to these drugs requires professional treatment before a person can recover from the effects and lead a life that is drug-free.

Treatment for methamphetamines addiction includes detox, rehab, and aftercare.  In detox, the body is cleansed of all traces of the drug, and this helps eliminate the physical cravings for the drug.  In rehab, the emotional aspects of the addiction are addressed.  Rehab programs have a variety of options that are geared toward helping the person understand why they abused drugs.  In this way, they are in a better position to avoid going down that same path in the future.  Some of the options in a comprehensive rehabilitation program may include:

  • Group and Individual Counseling
  • Life Skills Training
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Music and Art Therapy
  • Fitness and Exercise Routines
  • Relaxation Techniques (massage, yoga, sauna, etc.)
  • Faith-Based Programs (if desired)
  • Family Involvement
  • Aftercare Services

Many programs offer additional options that help clients create a plan that is based on their needs and preferences.  If you need help choosing the best treatment for methamphetamines addiction, please call out toll-free number today.  One of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer your questions regarding the facts about methamphetamines or just addiction in general.  We can conduct a confidential assessment and recommend a treatment program if you wish.  The important thing is that you begin this process right away if you are having problems controlling your drug use habits.

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