What Type of Detox Program is Right for You?

A detox program is the first step in a treatment program for addiction recovery.  Detox (detoxification) is a process that helps an addict’s body purge all traces of the substance being abused and eliminates cravings.  Successful detoxification prepares the individual to enter a rehabilitation program where they learn how to manage the emotional aspects of their addiction.

Although the above description makes detox sound like a simple process, the reverse is often the case.  During detox, a person can experience intense withdrawal symptoms.  In many cases, depending on the drug involved, the withdrawal symptoms can become life-threatening.   For this reason, it is essential to do some research before choosing a detox facility.  You want to be sure you receive the proper level of care for your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Detox Program for Your Needs

When you begin your search for the best program you will find several options available.  For instance, you could choose from the following:

  • Home
  • Outpatient
  • Inpatient
  • Sub-acute
  • Holistic

Of course, the substance involved and the severity of your addiction will help determine the exact level of care you’ll need.

Understanding the Different Detox Programs

In most cases, it is possible to choose a detox program based on your preferences.  Below is a more detailed description of these programs to help you make an informed decision:

Home: This method is not highly recommended because it offers the disadvantage of the person remaining in the environment that contributed to their addiction.  Relapse is common with this approach.  Also, in the event of severe withdrawals, the person is in danger of seizures, coma, or death without proper medical care.

Outpatient: Allows the person to continue working, going to school, or caring for children.  It is the most affordable approach to treatment. However, the disadvantage is that the person is free to obtain their substance of choice if they decide to continue using.

Inpatient:  Provides a secure environment with professional care to prevent any access to drugs or alcohol.  Nutritious meals are provided and counselors are available as needed for continued support and encouragement.  Skilled, compassionate addiction specialists ensure a safe and effective process.

Sub-Acute:  Available in outpatient or inpatient programs, this approach is best suited for addicts who do not require constant supervision and monitoring.  This method is also used as a secondary step following a more comprehensive plan.

Holistic:  An alternative, natural approach that utilizes supplemental treatments as a complement to the traditional detox.  Nutritional guidance, exercise, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, and spiritual support are some of the activities involved in this method.

Medical:  For severe addictions, a higher level of medical attention is required.  This type of care is best for addicts who are in danger of life-threatening withdrawals.  It is also recommended for someone with co-occurring health issues such as dehydration, malnutrition, heart problems, etc.  This method is administered in an inpatient facility.

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