Preventing a Relapse

The Truth About Addiction Recovery

Preventing a RelapsePreventing a relapse is crucial once you have gone through the addiction recovery stage and once you relapse you will then have to go through treatment all over again. It takes someone with extreme drive and ambition never to use drugs again after they have left rehab; avoiding addiction temptation situations and having positive influences in your life is the best way to remain completely sober.

Addiction Recovery is Possible

Did you know that more than half of people going into treatment and leaving treatment relapse within days? Most of these individuals continue to hang around the same people as before they entered into rehab or do not have a support system that can help whenever they are on the verge of relapse. Preventing a relapse may not be the easiest thing to do, but if you follow the following ways of preventing a relapse, you will have a much higher chance at remaining sober as opposed to someone that does not. These means of avoiding a relapse include:

Support Groups are Helpful in Preventing a Relapse

Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous help people from all walks of life get the help they need in remaining sober for life. These several times a week meetings involve talking to others about the struggles that you are going through, learning ways to stay sober, and you will also have someone from the support group that will be your sponsor. This person is there whenever you need him or her, and if you feel like you are on the verge a relapse, they are there to help you through it. Also, support groups offer extracurricular activities such as monthly get-togethers and sporting events to help the individuals all come together and have friends that will be there throughout their entire journey as a recovered drug addict.

Avoiding Risky Scenarios

Not only is a drug addiction recovery something that you have to work at maintaining but it also something where you have to change almost everything in your life drastically. For example:

  • No longer associating with people that use drugs
  • Change your housing situation if you have individuals living with you that may cause you to use or stress you out to the point of using
  • Find ways to make yourself busy; avoiding idol time where you may be tempted to use
  • And only surround yourself with people that bring your mood up
  • Seeking help if it is needed

If you did relapse from your drug recovery, which is very possible, you need to ask for immediate help. This is important because you are not at a point where you have to complete rehab again, just find additional support in your life against addiction. This is the stage in preventing a relapse that thousands of people skip; causing them to fall back into a life of addiction

Continue the Fight Against Addiction

You will not be able to remain sober if you do not continuously say no to drugs. This meaning that under any circumstances you will have to stay strong and fight the urge to use. If you feel that you are at the point of a relapse, contact someone that can help walk you through the situation and get you back to a positive position in your life.

Communicating for a Better Tomorrow

Preventing a relapse over an addiction is easier than ever thanks to all of the options for support that you have at your disposal. Family, friends, and colleges will be there to help you through your problems that you are facing along your journey of addiction freedom; they will also be there if you fall back into the devastating life of dependency.

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