Episcopalian / Anglican Drug Rehab

Episcopalian / Anglican drug rehab centers are based on educating their clients on how to overcome drug addiction and to return to a healthier way of living. Getting off drugs and detoxing the body is the first step toward recovery. This type of drug rehab center also focuses on the person’s mind and spirit being free spiritually of all negative aspects of drug abuse.

Episcopalian / Anglican Drug Rehab Centers

Episcopalian Anglican Drug Rehab

Episcopalian Anglican Drug Rehab

Episcopalian / Anglican drug rehab centers also offer residential treatment programs. Many have found that by having their family close by can make a difference in the success or failure of the program.

In addition, with an Episcopalian / Anglican drug rehab program, you will find individual counseling with a counselor who is licensed and caring. Because recovering from addiction is difficult and time-consuming, clients need attention that is individual and safe. Most importantly, at an Episcopalian drug center you will be able to draw on your religious beliefs by attending church services, prayer and meditation. Counseling and Bible study classes are also offered and many have found additional strength and peace with these offerings. Because addiction affects so many areas of one’s life such as physical health, financial concerns, emotional concerns and disruption within the family, the Episcopalian drug rehab program focuses on every aspect of the addict’s life and how it can become better, healthier and focused on the future.

Helpful Aspects

Other helpful aspects an Episcopalian / Anglican drug rehab center includes behavior modification training, life or cognitive life skills training classes, family support services and individual counseling sessions.


The goals of an Episcopalian / Anglican drug rehab program consist of the following: medically supervised withdrawal and detoxification, an orientation to the Episcopal program, training series programs that focus on communication, control and confronting drug addiction, life improvement courses, personal values and integrity courses, betterment activities, recovery maintenance, aftercare, graduation and aftercare follow up.

Christian Drug Program

The Episcopalian / Anglican drug rehab program works and is effective in large part because of its faith-based recovery belief and its program of active Christian beliefs and actions. This Christian drug program works because it believes that those who are addicted to drugs and who have been addicted for a long time, can be changed through a program that includes a mixture of healing that comes from the mind, body and spirit of the person who is addicted. With this combination, success can be achieved and a person’s life can be changed for the better!

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