Catholic Drug Rehab

Catholic Drug Rehab

Catholic Drug Rehab

As the name indicates, Catholic drug rehab is a treatment for addiction and programs of recovery which complements the rehab and detox procedure with some faith-based components of the Catholic religion. Besides the standard components, which encompass a drug rehab program, Catholic drug rehab holds pastoral or ministerial counseling, weekly church services, and Bible studies just to list a few. It is a type of rehab which is more needs-based that deals with the spiritual requirements of the client in addition to the physical, emotional, and mental ones.

Accurate Faith-Based Recovery

The idea of spiritual or faith-based  treatment of alcohol or drug addiction and recuperation is among the areas which have gained significantly more attention in the past decade. Catholic drug rehab programs pay attention on the spiritual needs of addicted Catholic individuals who have a strong aspiration to renew their belief and return to their spiritual pathways. The accurate faith-based recovery program of drug rehab allows the addicted person to completely recover and go back home therefore they are able to stay on the spiritual pathway that they once walked prior to when their addiction took all physiological control of the individuals.

What makes Catholic drug rehab programs unlike other drug rehab program?

There are some components of the Catholic drug rehab program, which are similar to some other types of addiction treatments and programs of recovery, nonetheless, the following components of Catholic drug rehab are not available in the other programs:

  • Pastoral or ministerial guided sermons and lectures in accordance with the Catholic faith
  • Sessions of scriptural teachings and Bible study
  • Services of Catholic church
  • Twelve steps faith-based programs
  • Reflection services and candlelit prayer
  • Ministerial or pastoral counseling

Even though no two programs of Catholic drug rehab are totally similar, the components mentioned above are common to the majority of them.

The Benefits of Catholic Drug Rehab

The principal advantage of a  Catholic drug rehab program is that it augments and supplements the recovery process in order that the individual stays substance-free for the rest of his/her life once they go back home.

Certain cognitive treatments are employed during the process of recovery that benefits the client with:

* cognitive and targeted Holistic treatments
* support via twelve step, self-Inventory, and self-discovery therapies
* drug rehabilitation therapies that are in line with Catholic religion beliefs

The Main Objective of Addiction Treatment

Keep in mind that the main objective of treatment of addiction and programs of recovery is to help the client return to society and live a substance-free life. Moreover, the program of Catholic drug rehab also allows the client to come back to their spiritual pathway that the addiction had blocked previously. Generally speaking, this type of religion-based drug rehab program has several advantages in helping the individual to return to a normal, drug-free path.