Types of Detox

Types of Detox

Information on the Types of Detox

When you decide to detox your body, you need to be aware of what types of detox are available. Not specific programs mind you, each of those is going to be different, but you need to be aware of the different options that you have regarding your body cleanse, and whether you need a detoxification of alcohol, or you’re just looking for natural detoxification.

Water Cleanse

One of the types of detox uses water to cleanse your system. The way these diets work is that you don’t eat, but you drink water in larger amounts than you normally would. The goal of this kind of detoxification program is to use your body’s natural elimination to purge as much unwanted material through your urine as possible. These cleanses, like more types of detox, are meant to be done short term and they rarely take more than a weekend, or at least a few days.

Tea Cleanse

Other types of detox use tea, usually blended in special ways, to help draw toxins out of your body. Different teas have different effects too, depending on your needs and what you’re trying to do. Some teas can act as laxatives, allowing your body to release everything in your bowels and eliminate all of the wastes that you have inside of you. Other teas, such as green tea, are meant to work over a number of days, loosening up the toxins and letting them filter normally into urine and through the liver and kidneys. Which type of tea cleanse you take depends largely on what you’re trying to get out of your system, and how quickly you want to do it.

Juice Cleansing

Juicing is both a diet and a cleansing system when discussing different types of detox. Juice, particularly freshly squeezed juice, is very healthy and it can help people lose weight quickly while preparing for other types of detox. Or, as a detox method, juicing can run through your digestive tract and pull out all of the left over toxins and flush them right out. So juice, in this sense, is a variable system. Typically though, if someone is just dieting, then eating the fruit will provide additional nourishment. But all of that pulp gets in the way of a proper detox sometimes.

Other Types of Detox Methods

There is such a wide variety of detox programs that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of them. Some varieties will use hot peppers to make the user’s system flood out everything, including toxins it’s been holding on to for some time. Some detoxification programs use chemical laxatives in place of natural materials to achieve fast results that aren’t suppose to leave any of the unwanted materials behind. It all depends on what you, personally, are comfortable with. That’s why it’s so important that you read all of the fine print and consult your doctor before you ever use a given program. After all, it’s your body, and you need to know the types of detox options you have available to cleanse it safely and efficiently. Especially in the case of drug addiction.  You want to be sure the treatment has been effective so you won’t suffer cravings in the future.