The Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment

The National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed in 2011 that as many as 4.2 million Americans aged 12 or older had used heroin at least once. Drug addiction is a serious burden, and yet many people believe that they somehow deserve to be locked inside of the circle. While entering a drug rehabilitation center is difficult at first, the benefits of drug addiction treatment outweigh the addiction itself. They provide three meals a day, a roof over your head, therapeutic sessions, withdrawal care and companionship from other recovering addicts. When it comes to taking back your life, drug addiction treatment can change your life for the better. Many people fear that kind of change or may even believe they are happier when higher, but the truth is nothing compares to being in control over your own life.

There are all sorts of drug addiction treatment programs out there. Most focus on prescription drugs, marijuana, heroin, hallucinogenics and other mind-altering drugs. It’s important to look for programs that specifically have experience in your type of drug addiction. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find the care and therapy necessary for your recovery.

What are the Benefits of Drug Addiction Treatment?

These are a few of the reasons that people have looked for and found help with drug treatment programs.

  • Physical Detox Without Relapse
    For drug addicts, it can actually be life-threatening to suddenly go “cold turkey” without a drug. They are physically and mentally dependent on this drug. Medical detox facilities focus on the physical detox to bring down the levels of intoxication and help you go through any complications. These detox sessions are monitored by medical professionals to make your symptoms less harmful and also get you through detox as quickly as possible.
  • Pick a Treatment Program that Works
    You can find a variety of reviews and ratings for any kind of rehab center out there. Most people want a certain style of treatment. They may require more individual psychotherapy or they may rely more on activities to inspire growth. In some cases, drug addiction is actually a symptom of bipolar disorder, anxiety or depression. You may be going through a mental illness that triggers your addiction.
  • A Little Getaway From Addiction
    One of the best things about the benefits of drug addiction treatment centers is that they provide time and distance away from the drug and instigating factors. All of that stress from work, family, children, tension and other issues completely falls away at an inpatient drug treatment facility. It’s the best way to kick-start a recovery because you’re isolated away from the drug. Most treatment centers also provide transition services to help you learn how to cope with triggers and problems that cause addicts to falter once they leave treatment.
  • Comprehensive Drug Treatment Programs
    Most drug treatment facilities have a set program for any type of addiction, but they customize that program to your needs. However, there are companies out there that advertise drug detox as the only treatment. This will only treat symptoms temporarily. Therapy, activities and support groups are necessary to maintaining your clarity and choosing to stay off drugs. Many addicts just go through detox and believe they won’t ever touch a drug, but they are unable to deal with their triggers. Part of the treatment is learning how to change behavior and meet those triggers with the willpower to say no and fight back against addiction.
  • Learn About Your Addiction and Causes
    Many people become addicted to drugs because they didn’t know how that drug would affect them. Suddenly they are swept up into addiction and don’t know how to get out of it. Treatment programs teach you how to understand your body and mind while on these drugs. They’ll help you learn about their effects and what ways exist to treat each addiction. Most treatment includes withdrawal help where you go through a weening process to make withdrawals less severe. You’ll also get help on how to talk to friends and family. Part of treatment may even include confronting fears that are causing your triggers.
  • Meeting New People and Gaining Support
    When you start a treatment program, you likely feel incredibly alone and even ashamed of what’s going on in your life. However, you meet people who have similar experiences and allow you to see your inner self. You learn how to better understand the drug and addiction while also helping others cope with their own addictions.
  • Around-the-Clock Care and Therapy
    The main goal for the benefits of drug addiction treatment is to help you focus on recovery and teach you how to live drug-free. Supervised detoxification is usually the first step, which will remove most of the drugs from your system. Individual and group therapy sessions will be provided to help you talk about your addiction and receive advice. If there is an emergency or a relapse, you’ll have doctors and therapists on staff to help you.

Holistic Treatment and Activities

One of the main benefits of drug addiction treatment is showing you the beauty of life without drugs. You’ll learn new behavior skills, go on nature hikes, learn meditation, practice yoga and even work with animals. These treatment techniques help you see your strengths and work on weakness while also giving you something to care about. The spirit, mind, and body are in turmoil while addicted to drugs. That’s why holistic rehab seeks to help all three while in treatment.

Is Outpatient Care Right For You?

In some cases, it’s not possible to take time off or leave family behind to go to a rehabilitation center. While it’s not the ideal situation, outpatient treatment can also benefit you. Much of the process is the same. You’ll go through detoxification, therapy sessions and work on treating your addiction through support groups and daily counseling sessions. It will also help to have a sponsor to talk to during emergency periods.

There are a variety of benefits of drug addiction treatment, but you have to be willing and positive about your treatment to achieve greater success. When you have to get off drugs and get back to life, it’s important that you pick a facility that has everything you’ll need for a successful recovery.

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