The Battle of Coping with Addiction While Coping with Other Issues

When a person enters into an addiction treatment program and the assessment is complete, most times it is discovered that the individual is battling more than dependency and coping with addiction. Individuals who are struggling with addiction many times are coping with other issues as well. Addiction usually starts when a person uses a substance such as drugs or alcohol to numb the pain of some problem with which they are dealing. The problem could be one or more issues within their family, their job, personal relationships, or many other things. They could be dealing with issues from their past that they have never learned to handle and accept, or maybe they have an addictive personality or genetic predisposition to addiction.

Coping with Addiction and Depression at the Same Time

Many depressed individuals use drugs or alcohol to take away their sadness or feelings of hopelessness. The National Institute of Health reported that nearly one-third of persons who suffer from depression also have substance abuse disorders. When this occurs, one condition makes the other one worse. Many times, people use the drugs or alcohol to self-medicate the depressive symptoms which only creates a vicious cycle of problems with the depression and the substance abuse.

Struggling with a mental health disorder and substance abuse at the same time is called “Dual-Diagnosis.” Many addiction treatment facilities today specialize in treating dual-diagnosis by treating both issues.

Personal Tragedy and Addiction

When people suffer a personal tragedy and are overwhelmed with grief, drugs or alcohol may be where they turn. They use a substance to block out the past event which is too painful to think about, so they choose to try to forget it. Many people associate post-traumatic stress disorder with those who have fought in wars not knowing that any past trauma a person goes through can result in this condition. It is much more widespread than people think. Addiction treatment facilities today also
specialize in treating both of these issues.

Coping with Addiction while Coping with Chronic Pain

Those who have a substance abuse problem have to handle chronic pain very carefully. If you are in recovery from addiction to drugs, you must make sure you relay this information to your physician when dealing with chronic pain. Prescribing opiates such as painkillers can thrust you back into addiction because prescription painkillers are very addictive, even when you have not previously had a substance abuse problem. There are other methods doctors can use to relieve your chronic pain or lessen it.

Dealing with Family or Other Personal Issues and Addiction

If you are someone who handles every problem or disappointment with alcohol, it can be a struggle to stop the alcohol abuse while dealing with other personal issues. You have to learn the skills necessary to be able to handle these matters without the crutch of alcohol. Life is full of disappointments, failures, and stresses; however, reaching for alcohol or a drug to help ease the pain of these life situations only increases your problems.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When you are struggling or coping with addiction, along with other issues in your life, you need to seek professional help to learn to cope with not only the substance abuse but also the other stresses in your life. Inpatient addiction treatment programs start with uncovering the underlying causes of your addiction. You will receive extensive one-on-one counseling to get to the root problems where your dysfunction lies. Specialists will teach you the skills necessary to handle any situation which may arise without the use of alcohol or drugs. You will be taught coping skills to help you manage your life responsibly and not with a substance of abuse.

If you are coping with addiction while also dealing with other life issues, don’t wait any longer to seek help. You don’t have to go through this struggle alone. Take the measures necessary to get your life back on track as a sober, healthy individual who can tackle each problem that may occur in a responsible manner. Do it today!

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