Prevalence of Prescription Abuse Among College Students

The college years can be the best years of a person’s life. Then again, these years can be the worst. It is a time of new experiences, new friends, and being introduced to drugs and alcohol. Just entering college can be an anxious time when students strive to fit in with the others and worry if they will be able to keep up their grades in college. The first few months of college can be filled with self-doubt. This is when kids should be educated about prescription abuse in colleges.

Not all individuals will start immediately using alcohol or drugs, but many of them will. Meet and Greet parties can be overwhelming and many kids will drink alcohol to take the edge off and to feel more self-confident and outgoing. Again, drinking alcohol a few times does not mean a person will go on to abusing it, but in many cases, in colleges, it is a sign. The same goes for prescription drugs. Prescription abuse in colleges is rampant as the kids are stretched from studying to partying to resting and sleeping.

Prescription Abuse in Colleges Today

Granted, college students abuse more than only prescription drugs; they still use marijuana, cocaine, and club drugs. However, today (as has been done for many years) amphetamine drugs (stimulants) are being used to study. With amphetamines, students can stay awake and feel more alert for studying and completing assignments.

Adderall is one of these drugs; it is prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy. College students can receive prescriptions from their physicians very easily for Adderall. This drug is designed to help the patient stay focused and concentrate on their studies in school. Ritalin is another stimulant which is prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The problem is, not only do the students use the drugs for studying, they are also now using them to stay up all night partying. If the kids can’t get a prescription for either of these drugs, they can always get them from friends or acquaintances. Both of these substances can cause high blood pressure and stroke even in college-age students.

Prevalence of Benzodiazepine Abuse Among College Students

Everyone is aware of the opioid epidemic in our country, but another epidemic today is that of benzodiazepines. These sedative drugs are very prevalent in colleges today. Benzodiazepine drugs such as Valium and Xanax are prescribed for insomnia, anxiety, seizures, and epilepsy. Benzodiazepines are some of the most commonly prescribed drugs presently. “Benzo” overdoses have grown steadily over the last few years.

Benzodiazepines are extremely popular (more than opioid drugs) and available on college campuses. Those students who don’t have prescriptions can buy them from friends for as little as $2.00 a piece. These kids take benzos for recreational purposes and commonly combine them with alcohol which is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. No matter if someone has developed a tolerance to a substance such as alcohol, consuming it with benzodiazepines adds to the effects of that substance making it much stronger.

Prescription Opioid Painkillers in Colleges

With all of the prescription abuse in colleges, most of the college campuses have been pretty much spared the crisis of opioid painkillers. These prescription drugs are found mostly in colleges which are located in the northeastern states of the United States. Most of the college officials say they have very little misuse of opioids in their schools. It would appear as though individuals with opioid addictions do not go on to college. However, the colleges today are seeing a number of students who are in recovery from substance abuse.

Programs Provided for College Students in Recovery

Many colleges today are providing programs for students who are in recovery from substance abuse. Substance-free dormitories are catching on for students who are trying to remain sober. Support groups and meetings are also being provided for students in some colleges. It can be hard for students in recovery attending college with so many substances readily available on campus.

Seek Help for Abuse or Addiction to Any Substance

Although prescription abuse in colleges is certainly a major concern, alcohol continues to be at the top of the list for substance abuse problems among college students today. If you are abusing alcohol or any prescription drug or illicit drug for that matter, get help before the problem gets complete control of your life.

Don’t waste your college years and live with regret the rest of your life. Call and learn more about treatment programs at an inpatient addiction treatment center. More inpatient treatment centers are catering to the needs of young adults today.

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