Overcoming Nicomorphine Addiction

NicomorphineIt doesn’t take much to develop a nicomorphine addiction – using the drugs only a couple of times can trigger an addiction. Nicomorphine is an opioid analgesic that comes in pill form, or in the form of a suppository or injectable. It’s used to treat postoperative pain, and pain in people suffering from cancer or other neuropathic pains. Even though nicomorphine is three times stronger than morphine, its side effects are less extreme.

Nicomorphine Addiction

An addiction to nicomorphine is hard to overcome and can damage your kidneys, heart, liver, and brain. Once the addiction takes control over you, there’s a great risk of overdosing. Similar to other opioid drugs, your body builds up a tolerance over time. To get the same euphoric feeling that you initially experienced, you must increase the amount you use. This can be life-threatening. The side effects of the addiction are similar to side effects experienced when using other opioid drugs, such as OxyContin and Vicodin. They include depression, nausea, itchiness, sweating and respiratory problems.

Beating Addiction

Overcoming a nicomorphine addiction is difficult if you don’t have the required support, supervision, and encouragement. The urge to use the drugs is often too strong to eliminate the undesirable withdrawal effects, a person may relapse. At our inpatient rehabilitation facility, there is a 24-hour professional staff available. Clients can always find a professional to talk to during difficult times. Throughout the detox period, clients are closely monitored. This period is difficult, but essential to the recovery process because by completely eliminating the drugs from the body, the urge to use diminishes significantly. Clients undergo therapy sessions to empower themselves and to learn how to live a drug-free life once they return to society.

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