Effects of an Addiction on Work

Addiction can have a big negative impact on one’s work and create problems at work that wouldn’t otherwise be there. When someone’s performance at work goes down due to addiction, they can get suspended or laid off, which can put a strain on romantic relationships and families. By recognizing the ways that addiction affects work, you can determine what your next step is and when to take action.

How Addiction Affects Work

While alcohol isn’t illegal, and marijuana is legal in some areas, an addiction can result in actions that are against the law. It’s common for individuals with addictions to commit other crimes in order to obtain more of the substance they’re using. Additionally, driving under the influence of any substance is against the law and can put a damper on your criminal record.

Having a criminal record can limit your career opportunities and can even result in the loss of a current position. Jobs that work with children or teens will often not consider individuals with a criminal record.

Addiction Can Result in Losing a Job

When a person becomes dependent upon alcohol or drugs, they can start to act in ways that are inappropriate, which can result in termination from their job. Addiction can cause individuals to ignore their responsibilities, not show up for work or have a lower work performance, all of which can result in the loss of one’s job.

Addiction Can Cause a Loss of Income

Addiction can impact a person’s overall income level and their opportunity to obtain a higher income level. Not only is it possible for a person to have a lower income due to being terminated from their last job, he or she usually spends a lot of money on their addiction, no matter what it is. Before they know it, they don’t have much money left for other responsibilities, such as rent, insurance, and other bills.

Additionally, those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often aren’t focused on their career goals and are more focused on when they will next get their hands on their substance of choice. This can result in poor work performance and being less efficient at work. When a promotion becomes available, they may not be considered at all.

Addiction Makes It Harder to Get Alone with Colleagues

Having an addict at work can make it harder for everyone else in the work environment. In fact, it can make it more difficult for a person to get along with others and have a harder time coping with stress and anxiety. In most cases, people who are offered promotions are ones who can easily get along with others and be part of a team. Drug addiction makes being part of a team almost impossible as the person usually isn’t focused on the goals of the group.

There are many ways addiction affects work.  Depending on the severity of the addiction, it can result in the loss of a job, the inability to find a job, or limited potential in growing and reaching career goals.

Reversing the Effects Addiction Has On Work

Drug and alcohol addiction can ruin a person’s life and it can often start with one’s job. When a person isn’t focused on their job or career goals anymore, they lose control of their ability to do work efficiently and work well with others, which can result in job loss. The best way to reverse the negative effects addiction has on work is to get professional help and become clean and sober.

If you are searching for recovery for you or your loved one, let our counselors help you. They will assist you in every step until you are completely recovered. For more information on how addiction affects work, don’t hesitate to contact us at our toll-free number today.

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