Are You Afraid That You’ll Fail at Rehab?

Have you avoided going to rehab because you think that you can control your addiction or because you are in fear that it won’t work? While it is natural to be wary of accepting help for an addiction, professional help is often the best way to break free from a dangerous drug or alcohol problem. Fortunately, even if you have to go through rehab multiple times, there is no way to fail at rehab.

Everyone Goes at Their Own Pace

According to the CEO of Promises Treatment Centers, nearly half of all patients go through rehab more than once. While this may seem to be an admission that rehab doesn’t work, that is not true. What it means is that breaking a drug or alcohol habit can be extremely difficult. It also means that breaking free of an addiction is a long-term process that may entail overcoming adversity or setbacks.

How Hard Are You Working to Change?

Ultimately, the real measure of success or failure is whether or not you are working to change your ways. Relapse is a common element in an attempt to get over a drug or alcohol problem. This is because it only takes one drink or one shot of your preferred drug to get hooked again. Whether you have been sober for a day or for a year, you never truly beat your addiction.

Address the Triggers

One way that rehab can help anyone is to help an individual address the triggers that cause him or her to drink or do drugs. By understanding why a person is addicted to a substance, it becomes easier to avoid those triggers. This may reduce the number of cravings or the temptation to use whatever substance an individual is interested in. For example, if someone knows that he or she drinks due to stress, that person will be far less likely to head to the bar after work for a drink. Instead, that person will find a healthier way to deal with his or her emotions.

Find and Develop a Support Network During and After Rehab


Another way that rehab can help is by helping addicts develop a support network that can help them through their struggles. Having someone to call whenever the temptation for a drink or to use a drug emerges can be a big help. Additionally, seeing others trying to help you makes you accountable to those people. When you don’t want to let others down, it can provide a big incentive to avoid getting into situations where you may want to relapse. The emotional lift that you can get by finally realizing that you are not alone in your struggle can be enough to make a person truly want to change. Even if it doesn’t happen overnight, knowing that there is reason to slay that dragon can make rehab worth going to.

Seeking professional help to overcome your addiction can be meaningful in many ways. Although you may never be cured, you can start to control your addiction and make positive changes to your life. This may enable you to get a job, repair relationships and start to learn more about why you were addicted in the first place. Over time, you can make changes to your lifestyle that can make life more enjoyable while keeping your addiction at bay.

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