Codependency in Men

One common issue in relationships is codependency. Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship. It usually manifests in the relationships with others. Unfortunately, the cause of codependency lies in the codependent. A relationship with the codependent is a draining type of relationship. Recognizing the symptoms of codependency in men and women is important.

Codependency and Drug Abuse

Codependency in Men

Codependency in Men

Often, codependency is often accompanied by substance abuse. In many cases of codependency in men, there is alcohol abuse. Some drugs might be involved in the event of the codependent relationships. The codependent often seeks ways to cope with their feelings of inferiority.

What is Codependency?

The common cause of codependency in men is growing up in a dysfunctional home. Often, the dysfunctional person is repeating some of the behaviors of his parents. In many cases, the codependent was regularly abused physically, mentally, verbally, and even sexually as a child. Often, the behaviors of the codependent started off as defense mechanisms to protect himself in the environment in which he was raised. Unfortunately, when a person escapes from the destructive environment, he is left with a lot of unresolved issues. These problems tend to carry over into his next relationships if he does not resolve them.

Symptoms of Codependency in Men

The symptoms of codependency in men are of a wide variety. They range from having the appearance of being a servant to having the appearance of selfishness and abusiveness. Often, codependent people have poor communication skills. They are also insecure. They usually have low self-worth. Other codependency symptoms are a little less common among cases. One of the more common symptoms of codependency is controlling behaviors. Codependent people often try to control everything in their lives. This often includes others. In many cases, this causes a strain in their relationships. This is often due to growing up in many out of control situations.

Attracted to Needy People

Codependent people are often attracted to needy people. At the same time, needy people tend to be drawn to the co-dependent types. The codependent person often acts out toward the needy person while the needy person does everything he or she can to accommodate.

Realizing Your Problem and Getting Help for Codependency

Many codependent men do not understand their problems. As a result, they often end up losing the ones they care about as a result of their behavior. Fortunately, there are ways to combat codependency in men. Getting to the root of the problem is critical. In many cases, it will require going through the grieving process all over again. A lot of old wounds will be reopened so that they can heal properly. There are counselors that codependent men can go to for support. Once they get to the root of their codependency addiction, they will be able to address it so that they can eventually live healthier lives.