Ritalin Addiction

Ritalin is a very addictive prescription drug. When induce it gives some level of stimulation that can become very irresistible with prolonged Ritalin Addictionusage. This stimulating experience makes it highly addictive. Strong urges develop with continual usage of the drug, thus leading to Ritalin addiction. Primarily the drug has an effect on the central nervous system, and the imbalance caused by the stimulants effects makes people have very high levels of energy. Once hooked up to the drug it becomes very hard to quit and can lead to several health related complications. Prolonged usage makes people experience physical and psychological difficulties.

Ritalin Addiction Biological Effects

Ritalin addiction has severe biological side effects. Without proper medical attention these side effects can cause serious mental disorders, a condition commonly known as ADD (Attention deficit disorder) or in advanced state ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). The drug should always be taken under prescription and strictly under the doctor’s supervision. People react differently to the drug, that’s why seeking help from medical experts is highly recommended. Also prolonged usage of the drug can lead to adverse effects on your health besides making you highly dependent on it. Persons suffering from ulcers should never use the drug because Ritalin aggravates the condition.

As mentioned above, Ritalin mainly affects the central nervous system. Ideally, this makes nervousness and insomnia common Ritalin addition related complications. Once hooked up to the drug, people can also experience loss of appetite and in this leads high dependency on the drug at the cost of food. Besides suppression of appetite, the drug also causes nausea and vomiting. These side effects come as a result of the irritant smell of the drug.

Ritalin Addiction Side Effects

Ritalin addiction makes people become highly energized and alert. When the body is kept for long at a highly energized state, and then sudden Ritalin Addiction Side Effectsfluctuations of energy levels the body starts experiencing severe burn out sessions, and this can lead to dizziness. To bring the body out of this sluggish state, you have to take more of the drug, a cycle that leads to addiction.

In some stages people experience frequent headaches. As the drug’s stimulating effects wears out, you might start experiencing headaches. The pains fluctuate with the dependency levels since Ritalin causes different reactions. Dependency on the drug also leads to lack of sleep due to high energy levels, and lack of sleep can cause frequent headaches.

Other Devastating and Risky Side Effects

There are other devastating and risky side effects associated with Ritalin addiction. High levels of the drug in your blood system can cause high blood pressure and the associated complications. Some people also complain of changes in heartbeat, experience high body temperatures, seizures and to some extent can lead to failure of the entire circulatory system.

Ritalin can cause hostility or paranoia after using it for a very short time, hence the need of close supervision even when taking the drug under prescription. Other side effects associated with Ritalin addiction include weight loss, abdominal pains, digestive complications, high levels of depression, and withdrawal symptoms, rashes and irritation of the skin.