Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin addiction is dangerous for your life. If you are a person susceptible to addictions, Vicodin is not for you. However, once Vicodin takes a hold of you emotionally, and physically you are hooked. It is not easy to get clean from a Vicodin addiction.

A Blend of Two Painkillers

Vicodin is a blend of two opiates, acetaminophen known as Tylenol and hydrocodone synthetic codeine. Vicodin the most commonly Vicodin Addictionprescribed pain relievers today and mostly abused. The longer you use this drug the greater the risk of a real addiction. If you experience symptoms like, a regular dose is not doing the trick, and you need more, or you go to different doctors for extra prescription these are red flags. Other symptoms are physical sickness like vomiting, when you run out, experiencing loss of sleep, muscle and bone pain, and night sweats. You may also start hiding your Vicodin use, or people start to tell you that you are using those pills too much. Any of these symptoms means you are addicted. An addiction to Vicodin is dangerous to your mind and body.

Ruins Your Liver

The utmost harm is to your liver; because Vicodin has acetaminophen excessive use ruins your liver, once your liver goes, all your organs shut down slowly. You can die from respiratory illness. Emotionally, the harm is to your inner being, changing your nature to someone you don’t recognize; Vicodin addiction creates in you a lire, produces violent actions when needing the drug. Selfishness, disregard to family and friends becomes evident in your life! Getting off a Vicodin addiction is very hard. You need outside help!

Structured Programs

Rehab is an excellent source of outside help. Look for a structured program giving you the strength to go forward in getting rid of your addiction. It will take time; you may have to stay there for few weeks or month depending on the level of your addiction. A very good reason for rehab is urine testing; it may be embarrassing but in a long-run urine will show that you triumphed over drugs . You need a place that requires hard work on your part. Look for a customized program catering to your specific need,” Vicodin addiction.” Rebuilding your life is an important phase of therapy in rehab, most meetings take place in small groups, sharing together letting you to understand and admit you are an addict, you are not alone other people share the same kind of pain. You will also meet privately with consolers. There are hidden reasons you become an addict. Perhaps you needed to numb painful memories from your past, being in rehab means freedom from Vicodin addiction , so take the first step, and call.