Fentanyl Addiction

There are several signs that a friend or family member is going to need to look for in a person who might have a fentanyl addiction. The first signFentanyl Addiction of a fentanyl addiction is when a person is suffering through a variety of different things that have anything to do with sleep. Some of these things can include drowsiness, confusion or fatigue because of lack of sleep, and sedation. This is going to become a lot worse and more obvious when a person becomes more and more dependent on the drug.

Serious Complications

The second sign of fentanyl addiction is when a person starts to experience a more serious complication. These complications can include anything that has something to do with their respiratory system like respiratory arrest, respiratory distress, or a coma. This is going to happen when a person has taken a large amount of the drug at one time. Therefore, a person could end up dying from taking opiates for a long period of time so it is very important that a friend looks closely for any types of signs of the addiction.


The third sign is when a person is depressed for a long period of time. This depression is usually going to be followed by some sort of pain. This is Depressionespecially true if a person was given the drug to help cure pain. Once a person has become addicted to the drug, then the pain is probably going to come back and it might even be stronger than it was before. Therefore, a friend needs to look for signs of pain when they know that a person is taking the drug.

Poor Judgement

The fourth sign is when a person is having trouble making decisions. This also means that a person is going to have poor judgement when it comes to the decisions that they do make. This is going to happen in a person’s work life along with in their personal life. Therefore, a person might not be able to handle doing some of the functions of their job and they might have a lot of trouble with their personal relationships with their friends and loved ones.


The fifth sign is when a person is going through the drugs more than you think they should be. This means that they are probably going to be taken more of the drugs then the prescription tells them to. It is probably going to seem like the person’s life revolves around whether or not they have the prescription around them at all times. This is one of the best ways that a friend or family member is going to be able to see if a person has a fentanyl addiction.