Methamphetamine and Its Devastating Effects

Methamphetamine, also called meth, is a highly addictive stimulant drug. The chemical name for methamphetamine is n-methyl-1-phenyl-propan-2-amine. When the drug is in its crystal form, it is known as ice, crystal meth and sometimes Tina.

The Ways Meth is Usually Used



In most cases, methamphetamine is put in a glass pipe and smoked, similar to how crack cocaine is used. It is often dissolved in water and injected, or it can be dry and injected. It has also been snorted, put in the anus or swallowed.

In females, meth addiction is often used for producing quick weight loss results. Those effects are not lasting and weight will come back. The human body will eventually build its tolerance for the drug of abuse and about six weeks after continual use of the drug, the weight will be regained. In most cases, because of this and the way it can be addicting, most doctors won’t prescribe the medication for weight loss any longer.

Others like to use methamphetamine because it is a stimulant and helps them feel more energetic, alert and able to concentrate and focus. It also is good for making one feel not hungry or sleepy. On the flip side, others may take methamphetamine because they feel down or depressed. They are often taken for increasing sexual pleasure as it is one of the side effects of taking the medication. Meth addiction treatment will provide you with the best chance at a successful and happy life!

The Horrific Effects of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamines have many effects of which we will list below. Due to the way that crystal meth is produced, it is never a pure drug so it is always considered dangerous as a street drug. The immediate and most common side effects after taking methamphetamine is increased energy, constricted arteries, loss of appetite, diarrhea, sweating, euphoria, tremors, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and an increase in the body’s blood sugar level.

When methamphetamines are used more chronically, the effects will be more serious. They include cravings for the drug, weight loss, withdrawal, depression, tooth decay and tooth loss, psychosis, as well as developing a tolerance for the drug and needing more to get the effects.

When someone overdoses on methamphetamines they can suffer brain damage, hallucinations, the feeling of things crawling on the flesh, tension headaches, delusions, breakdown of muscles and possibly death due to cardiac arrest or a stroke.

Crystal Meth and the Dangers

Methamphetamine can be prescribed to humans who are obese, who are attention deficit or hyperactive. Crystal meth, on the other hand, is made in the streets illegally by labs that alter the drug chemically. Usually drugs like pseudo ephedrine and ephedrine that are in cold medications are used to make crystal meth. Making crystal meth is considered very dangerous to those making it as well as people that live in the surrounding area. Crystal meth can produce dangerous gases that can cause a meth lab to blow up. The vapors used to make meth are also highly dangerous and toxic. No one wants to live in a neighborhood with someone making meth, but you may not really know if it is taking place.

One way to detect if meth is being made is to look for the supplies around the trash that people would use to make meth. Here are a few methamphetamine facts to describe the deadly ingredients used to cook meth: acetone, rubbing alcohol, mineral spirits, bleach, car battery acid, cold tablets with pseudo ephedrine, lithium, paint thinner and ether. Also, people tend to put “keep out” signs around their homes and you may notice a bad small if meth is being made. The odor may be a different smell such as ammonia or cat urine odor, or even a bit like rotten eggs. You would probably see a ventilation system such as a chimney or some fans that are being used to get rid of the vapors but you won’t see signs of cooking. You may notice dead spots of grass in a person’s yard because the chemicals would certainly kill the grass. If you would like to learn more on meth addiction continue viewing to read the jaw dropping crystal meth statistics.

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