Rohypnol or otherwise called Roofies is a very powerful dangerous drug if used the wrong way. This drug was originally used as a sleeping pill for Rohypnol Effectsadults but is completely banned in the United States. Rohypnol is legal in about sixty other countries around the world today. This drug can be very dangerous if used the wrong way or for the wrong purpose. This drug is regularly used for treatment of insomnia in other foreign countries. These countries seem to think of it as the best cure for insomnia.

Rohypnol Use

This illegal club drug is used by placing it in a drink to dissolve it, because it cannot be detected if dissolved in a persons drink. Rohypnol can also be snorted to induce a quicker effect of the drug. It can also be just simply swallowed which is the way it should be used because this is usually the natural way to use it. Rohypnol is usually used for dyer purposes in which some unsuspecting person gets drugged for sexual favors or is viciously robbed for their personal possessions.

In Combination With Heroin

This drug is also illegally used to bring out better effects of a heroin high, or to produce a calmness after coming of a crack high. It is usually used with alcohol to produce amnesia in its victims. Rohypnol is mostly used on some unsuspected innocent victim who is drugged so the perpetrator can have their way with them. Which is totally illegal and can put a perpetrator in prison for five to ten years. So no one should use this drug for illegal use to hurt another innocent person because the ramifications will be devastating on both sides.

Short Term Effects of Rohypnol

The short term effects of Rohypnol are a drunken like state and a relaxing sleepiness. Usually a user doesnt remember their activities when they were on this drugs terrible high. The effects of this club drug usually lasts a minimum of two to eight hours, depending on a persons tolerance of the drug. The long term effects if taken regularly can be a full blown addiction that will require special drug treatment. This little white pill can produce a destructive effect, and behavior in a persons life.


In the United States this drug is considered a street drug, and it has many other names that are used on the streets such as, Roofies, forget me drug, ruffles and many other variations of names. Rohypnol is one of the most current drugs used for the purpose of date rape. Although there is hardly any evidence of this, it is very suspicious that a lot of date rapes have been blamed on the us of this drug. Any one who uses this drug in the United States is obviously using it illegally.