More on Club Drugs

Among drug use in young adults and teens today, the attention is more on club drugs than ever. Club drugs are in the loosely-defined category,More on Club Drugs “recreational drugs”, commonly used at clubs, parties, raves, concerts, and bars. Now becoming more main-stream across the nation, varying from country and region, they are easily available on high school and college campuses. With an increase in clubs the use of club drugs has increased and new types of club drugs are being bought to light, these club drugs target the brain altering neurochemistry and can cause irreversible structural damage. Learning much more on club drugs through research since the rise of this dangerous trend, it’s been proven that users put themselves at risk for serious health issues and even death. Although different drugs have different effects, showing increased chances of dehydration, hyper-tension, heart and kidney failure, and increased body temperature. Some of the more established club drugs include “MDMA”, better known as Ecstasy, which is a neurotoxic agent.

MDMA’s Effects on the Brain

The most widely used club drug, MDMA’s affects the brain and causes malignant hyperthermia, its effects and damages to the brain are permanent. Associated with causing the spread of HIV by sharing of needles, “Methamphetamines” such as speed and crystal-meth are brain stimulants proven to cause irreversible damage to the heart, kidneys, liver, and the lungs. With its effects being highly unpredictable “LSD”, frequently GHB Sexual Assaultreferred to as acid, it’s a chemical lasting 12-24 hours, users experience severe reactions such as frightening and vivid hallucinations, when chronically used users are prone to developing recurring hallucinations, and psychotic ideations. These club drugs have been plaguing teens and young adults for a long period of time, but with the wave of new club drugs, there is a lot more dangers and potentially devastating medical complications to worry about. Due to many of these new club drugs being completely colorless, odorless, and tasteless they can be distributed to intoxicate someone without their knowledge, this has led to a spike in overdoses as well as many drug related sexual-assault cases. “GHB” is an example, this new drug being used among club goers is a central nervous-system depressant, it causes increased lethargy and coma, leaving the user incapacitated, overdose is also very commonly seen.

Deadly Effects of Ketamine

Another new drug that can leave their users incapacitated with increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing and can also cause prolonged mental-confusion, impaired learning, and memory loss is “Ketamine”, a general anesthetic used in animal and human medical clinics. The newest drugs being used are inhalants like “Nitrous-Oxide”, many of these club drugs new and old are being made in non-antiseptic areas, dirty bathtubs and garages not caring about possible contaminants, making it difficult to determine toxicity as well as consequences of contaminants. Since there is now more on club drugs than any other kind Educating people more on club drugs, dangerous effects and the risks of taking them, can play a big role in deterring young adults and teens away from these harmful drugs.