Ketamine is an extremely powerful anesthetic. It can be used as a general anesthetic meaning that it can be used to put people completely under so that they can be operated on. Although Ketamine can be used on humans, legally it is mostly often used in Veterinary medicine when animals have to be operated on.

Rapidly Acting Drug

Ketamina is a very rapidly acting drug. It is also known to be a dissociative anesthetic since it has a power to make its users feel a sense of spiritual Ketamine Effectsdetachment, as if their own mind was being separated from the rest of their body.

For ordinary commercial use, Ketamine is in liquid form. However, it is widely abused drug and on the street it is most often sold as a powder. The powder then can dissolved in any liquid, but it can be also snorted, or even smoked in a handmade cigarette. Some drug abusers like to inject Ketamine directly into their muscle tissue. If it is injected directly into a blood vein, it can cause loss of consciousness in a very short period of time.

Ketamine has No Strong Odor or Taste

Because the drug itself does not have any strong odor or taste, it is extremely dangerous, especially to unsuspected users. Since it can paralyze its victims, it is often used to commit sexual assaults as it is often used as a date rape drug of choice. Ketamine works by effecting brain cells, and the speed at which it becomes functional can vary greatly. If the drug is snorted, its effects can be felt within one to ten minutes. Effects can last for around sixty minutes. However, if the drug is taken orally, effects are felt gradually in longer period of time and can end up lasting for four hours.

Unpredictable Effects

The effects of the drug can be highly unpredictable. They differ from one person to another. It is found that, among other factors, effects of the drug depend on the age and weight of its user, medical condition, users own mood and expectations, the dosage used and how it is used, the frequency at which it has been repeatedly used, and if it is used with other prescription as well as non prescription drugs.

Users taking this club drug can experience vivid dreams and hallucinations which can be of very terrifying nature. Thus, when used medically, it is often combined with anti hallucinating drug to minimize its bad side effect.

Ketamine can also produce a drunken like, dizzy sort of feeling. Some of its users describe it as creating almost near death sensation. It has number of very dangerous and worrisome side effects.

Side Effects of Ketamine

  • Confusion and Loss of Coordination,
  • Blurred Vision
  • Inability to Speak Even a Single Word.
  • Elevated as well as Sever Form of Fever
  • General Feeling of Nausea
  • Elevated Heart Rate
  • High Blood Pressure

Even long after the drug wares off, its users can feel extreme anxiety and a loss of memory. Ketamine long term effects are also linked to permanent bladder and urination problems, all of which makes it very dangerous drug indeed.