Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism

Signs of Alcoholism

The statistics of alcoholism are quite alarming and knowing the signs of alcoholism is important to know and understand. Especially if you or a loved one have the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, you should first know the term of alcoholism as this is very important to know as well as knowing the signs.  Alcoholism is when a person’s body becomes physically dependent on alcohol; without the alcohol the person with alcoholism can become very sick from not having what the body has become dependent on and the alcohol becomes more than just a drink, it becomes a need ,and needs to be addressed immediately by contacting drug rehabs for help.

The Several Signs of Alcoholism

There are several signs and symptoms that go unknown to the person who may not be familiar with these signs. Alcohol used heavily and on a daily basis can become a progressive disease. When someone begins to show early signs of being an alcoholic, it may progress to showing symptoms of the alcohol addiction. When someone is drinking continually, consistently, and daily, these are the telltale signs of alcoholism.

Denial and Change in Behavior

After a length of time of drinking alcohol, the signs become more apparent as symptoms of alcoholism as the alcohol take a toll on one’s body in several ways. The beginning signs of alcoholism after noticing the person drinking continually will also show signs such as denial and or change in their behavior, missing work, and a change in their normal behavior. There are several signs such as, family issues, anger, pulling away from the ones they love and their friends so they are not seen drinking heavily.

Numerous people who drink on occasion and may only have a drink or two of alcohol is safe without a problem. Additionally, the person who does not drink at home as mentioned and only on occasion can say no to alcohol drinks. This is not the person that needs to be worried about, however, if the occasional drinker starts to take it to the next step and it is noticeable that they are drinking more each time, or than they had use to this is a sign of alcoholism.

Numerous people who drink in excess and in a manner that shows alcohol abuse may not realize that they show all the signs of alcoholism. Many drinkers with a problem do not know in the beginning and for some to the end will deny there is a problem with them drinking no matter what signs of alcoholism they are showing. When an alcoholic tells themselves they will not drink that day and then do anyway or they start to drink alone when they feel angry, sad, had a bad day, or feels alone and that nobody understands them this is yet another more signs of alcoholism.

Other Signs of Alcoholism

Other signs to look for are if you or the person feels as if they cut down on their drinking yet it is the opposite and they are drinking as much if not more. If their drinking ever makes them annoy or criticize others, not remembering what they did or how they got home after a night of drinking, and having to drink in the morning to help the shakes or to help their hangover is signs of alcoholism.